Diogo Jota Wolves wife Rute Cardoso

Diogo Jota girlfriend - Rute Cardoso

Diogo Jota has completely changed Wolverhampton ever since he joined them in 2018. He has been the perfect addition to their squad and he has been a real danger on the left flank.

However, Oh My Football decided to take a closer look into Jota's life outside the football, as we want to find out who is he dating, so let's jump right into it.

Who is Diogo Jota girlfriend?

Diogo Jota has been one very lucky man as he managed to keep his relationship with Rute Cardoso save throughout the years.

Jota and Cardoso began their relationship in 2013. They knew each other as they visited the same school, so we can say with ease that Diogo and Rute are childhood sweethearts.

They say ''Behind every successful man, there is a woman'' and that is the case with those two. Rute has encouraged her boyfriend to follow his dreams and to never give up, helping him become the player he is today.

She always support her man no matter if he is winning or losing. That's what we call love!

Who is Rute Cardoso?

Now let's focus our attention on Rute Cardoso biography.

Rute Cardoso birthday is still unknown, as there is no official information regarding the question, but her year of birth is supposedly 1996.

She was born in Porto, Portugal, like her boyfriend Diogo Jota, and they went to the same school.

Cardoso is a true lover of football and she supports Jota on and of the stadium whenever Wolves are playing.

Another interesting fact about her is that she is a fan of the British series ''Peaky Blinders''.

Cardoso also takes care of her mind and body, as she is trying to eat healthy foods and is spending a lot of time in the gym, as she often shares with her fans in the social media.

Rute Cardoso is not the typical girlfriend of a footballer and she is not even that famous on Instagram. She has over 6,500 followers there, but that don't stop the brunette beauty to share her photos of the glamorous holidays with Diogo Jota.

Diogo Jota and Rute Cardoso are currently living in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, which is not hard to understand why.

The are still not ready to tie the knot and to have family, but they have a dog named Luna, which is close to having a child, don't you think.