Oriana Sabatini Paulo Dybala wife Juve

Paulo Dybala Girlfriend - Oriana Sabatini

Oriana Sabatini came out as bisexual, but she still wants to marry Paulo Dybala as he is her soulmate.

world cup qatar ball

Top 10 Goals Scored in World Cup History

Over the years we've seen some memorable goals, but let's see which ones are the best.

michel platini wife Christelle

Who is Michel Platini's Wife? Top Facts About Christelle Platini

Christelle Platini was involved in an affair with Platini's teammate which ended up with him being 'booted out' of the France squad.

sepp blatter fifa wife linda

Who is Sepp Blatter's Girlfriend? Top Facts About Linda Barras

Linda Barras was still married to her ex-husband, millionaire estate Christian Barras, while she was dating Sepp Blatter.

milik wife juventus agata

Arkadiusz Milik's Girlfriend: Biography of the Stunning Agata Sieramska

Agata Sieramska is a fitness model and influencer, who has inspired thousands of women to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

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Who is Heidi Lushtaku? Meet Merih Demiral's Amazing Wife

Heidi Lushtaku, Merih Demiral's wife, is an Albanian singer, model, beauty queen and TV personality.

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Joaquin Correa's Girlfriend: Biography of Chiara Casiraghi

Joaquin Correa's girlfriend, Chiara Casiraghi is involved with football, being the daughter of a famous Juventus player.

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Who is Jaimy Kenswiel? Meet Denzel Dumfries' Stunning Girlfriend

Jaimy Kenswiel has been by Dumfries' side since day one watching him becoming one of the best players of his generation.

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Who is Doina Turcanu? Biography of Stefan de Vrij's Girlfriend

Doina Turcanu is a stunning interior designer from Milan, who was a model before she met Stefan de Vrij.