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Who is Mykhailo Mudryk's Girlfriend Aaliyah? 8 Facts You Need To Know

In the world of football, fans are always curious about the players' lives off the field. Florian Wirtz, a rising star in German football, is no exception. People want to know about his girlfriend, Aaliyah, even though she keeps a low profile.

Aaliyah's presence next to Florian Wirtz has made people wonder about her background and what their life is like together. Although there isn't much information available about Aaliyah, her role in Florian Wirtz's life adds to the interest in his journey as a football player.

Let's take a closer look at what little we do know about Florian Wirtz's girlfriend, Aaliyah, and learn more about the person behind the scenes.

Who is Florian Wirtz?

Florian Wirtz is a talented German footballer who plays for the Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen. Born on May 3, 2003, in Pulheim, Germany, Wirtz quickly rose through the ranks of Leverkusen's youth academy, showcasing exceptional skills and determination on the field.

He made his professional debut for Bayer Leverkusen's senior team in May 2020 at just 17 years old, becoming the youngest goalscorer in Bundesliga history with a remarkable goal against Bayern Munich.

Known for his agility, vision, and technical prowess, Wirtz plays primarily as an attacking midfielder, where his ability to create scoring opportunities and control the game has earned him recognition as one of Germany's most promising young talents.

Who is Florian Wirtz's girlfriend?

Florian Wirtz is in a long-term relationship with the lovely Aaliyah. The couple have been together since early 2023.

Aaliyah, the girlfriend of Florian Wirtz, maintains a private life away from the public eye. There is limited information available about her background and personal details.

Despite this, her relationship with Florian Wirtz has drawn interest from fans and media alike, highlighting her supportive role in his life. Aaliyah's decision to keep a low profile contrasts with the attention often given to athletes' partners in the spotlight.

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Who is Aaliyah?

Aaliyah is known for being the partner of the Bayer Leverkusen star Florian Wirtz. Little is publicly known about her personal background, including her date of birth or residence. Aaliyah prefers to stay out of the limelight, maintaining a low profile despite her relationship with Wirtz drawing occasional attention.

While her career and specific interests are not detailed in public sources, her supportive presence alongside Florian Wirtz suggests a strong and private bond.

Here are the top facts about Aaliyah you don’t want to miss.

Aaliyah Bio

Aaliyah was born in 2000, so her age is 24.

As of now, there is no official information available about Aaliyah's zodiac sign or her birthday. Aaliyah maintains a private life away from public scrutiny, and details such as these remain undisclosed.

Aaliyah was born in Germany. Aaliyah’s nationality is German.

aaliyah florian wirtz girlfriend

Aaliyah Family

Aaliyah is very private about her personal life and she hasn’t disclosed any information about her mother and father. It is unknown who her parents are. Aaliyah maintains a discreet stance regarding her familial relationships. This approach allows her to maintain a level of anonymity amidst the public interest in her partner's career.

It is also unknown if Aaliyah has siblings or if she is an only child. She hasn’t shared any details about her childhood. She keeps her family life private, much like other aspects of her personal information.

Aaliyah Education

There is limited information available about Aaliyah's educational background. Aaliyah's focus remains on maintaining privacy regarding her educational pursuits.

Aaliyah Professional Career

There is little public information available about Aaliyah's professional endeavors. She maintains a discreet stance regarding her career, choosing not to divulge specifics about her professional life.

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Aaliyah Net Worth

Aaliyah’s net worth is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information. Since we don’t know what Aaliyah’s job is we are not sure what her income is.

Florian Wirtz’s net worth is estimated to be roughly £9 million ($11.5 million) in 2024. Florian Wirtz’s annual salary is €4,500,000 ($4,900,000) including all bonuses and he earns €86,538 ($92,643) per week.

Aaliyah Social Media

Aaliyah is quite popular on social media. She has gained thousands of followers on her sTikTok account. Aaliyah posts mostly videos of her outfints, giving her followers ideas on what they can wear.

You can check Aaliyah’s Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @aaliyahclsn.

aaliyah the girlfriend of florian wirtz

Aaliyah Body Measurements

Aaliyah’s height is 5 ft 7 in (171 cm). Aaliyah has dark hair and brown eyes.

Currently, Aaliyah doesn’t have tattoos on her body.

Aaliyah and Florian Wirtz’s Relationship

Aaliyah and Florian Wirtz's relationship has caught fans' attention, as they want to learn more about the young football star's personal life.

Although details about how they met or how long they've been together aren't widely known, they sometimes appear together publicly, showing they have a supportive and private relationship.