Edgar Davids Juventus

Why did Edgar Davids wear glasses?

Edgar Davids will be remembered for his fiery temper and excellent skills, but most importantly for his iconic glasses.

erling haaland wife isabel

Who is Erling Haaland's Stunning Girlfriend? Top Facts About Isabel Johansen

Isabel Johansen and Erling Haaland have known each other for a long time, but they've been dating just for a few months.

Palacios wife bayer yesica

Who is Exequiel Palacios Stunning Girlfriend? Top Facts About Yesica Frias

Yesica Frias was the one to change Exequiel Palacios after the scandal of dating three different women at the same time.

sepp blatter fifa wife linda

Who is Sepp Blatter's Girlfriend? Top Facts About Linda Barras

Linda Barras was still married to her ex-husband, millionaire estate Christian Barras, while she was dating Sepp Blatter.

angelino wife rb leipzig rocio

Who is Angelino's Fiancee? Biography of the Stunning Rocio Galindo

Rocio Galindo and Angelino have been separated for almost two years, before putting their differences aside for their son.

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Fabian Schar Girlfriend: All You Need To Know About Alexandra Munger

Fabian Schar's girlfriend, Alexandra Munger, has the beauty and the brains: she studied Law at the University of Zurich.

niklas sule borussia wife melissa

Niklas Sule Girlfriend: All You Need To Know About Melissa Halte

Niklas Sule has some busy days ahead of himself, through all that, Melissa, for one, will always have her boyfriend’s back.

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Tyler Adams Girlfriend: All You Need To Know About Sarah Schmidt

Tyler Adams made his relationship with Sarah Schmidt public on Instagram in 2019 but it's unclear how long they have been together.

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Who is Larissa Stollenwerk? Biography of Joel Matip's Wife

Matip achieved many great things in his career as a footballer, but his greatest achievement is marrying the gorgeous Larissa.