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Who Is Wesley Fofana's Wife Cyrine Sabeur? All You Need To Know

Wesley Fofana has made a name for himself as a talented defender at Chelsea but there's more to his life than just football. Many fans are curious about his personal life, especially his partner, Cyrine Sabeur. In this article,

OhMyFootball will take a closer look at Cyrine, revealing who she is beyond being the wife of a famous athlete. Let's dive into her life and learn all there is to know about Cyrine Sabeur.

Who is Wesley Fofana's wife?

Wesley Fofana is married to Cyrine Sabeur. Fofana and Cyrine have been together since 2021 when the first photos of the couple emerged on the internet. They've been dating since Fofana was still playing at Leicester City.

In June 2022, the couple got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony at the luxury Yacht Club De Monaco. However, some football fans suspect there might be trouble in paradise, as Wesley and Cyrine have unfollowed each other from Instagram. What causes even more suspicion is that they deleted photos of the pair together from their respective pages.

This is not the first time they have had problems in their marriage. In 2023, Cyrine temporarily made her page private and returned it to public access only after the couple worked things out.

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Who is Cyrine Sabeur?

Cyrine Sabeur is not just known as the wife of the Premier League star Wesley Fofana; she is a personality in her own right with a vibrant life and career.

Originally from France, Cyrine has developed a private yet intriguing profile, gracefully balancing personal life and professional works.

Although she keeps a low profile, Cyrine's support for her husband is often highlighted in public appearances and social media interactions.

Cyrine's influence extends beyond being a supportive partner, as she engages in community and charitable activities, demonstrating a commitment to positive impact. Her life paints a picture of someone deeply dedicated to her family and her personal passions.

Cyrine Sabeur Bio

Cyrine Sabeur was born on 23 November 1998, so her age is 25. Cyrine is two years older than her husband Wesley Fofana, who was born on 17 December 2000.

According to the date of birth of Cyrine Sabeur, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which means that she is a very independent and honest person. Usually, people born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their adventurous natures.

Cyrine Sabeur was born in France. Cyrine Sabeur’s nationality is French.

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Cyrine Sabeur Family

Cyrine Sabeur is very private about her personal life and she hasn’t disclosed any information about her mother and father. It is unknown who her parents are. What we know for sure is that she has Arabic roots.

It is also unknown if Cyrine Sabeur has siblings or if she is an only child. She hasn’t shared any details about her childhood.

Cyrine Sabeur Education

Cyrine Sabeur graduated at EM Strasbourg, one of France's prestigious business schools. This institution is renowned for its strict academic environment and its focus on developing future leaders in business and management.

This educational background underscores Cyrine's commitment to her professional development and her capacity for handling complex challenges.

Cyrine Sabeur Professional Career

Cyrine Sabeur holds an impressive position as the vice-president at Europe Études, a student-run consulting firm in France.

In her role, she helps guide the company's strategy and manages its day-to-day operations. Her job involves leading teams, planning for the future, and making sure clients are happy.

Cyrine's work showcases her strong skills in business management and leadership. This role emphasizes her dedication to her career and her ability to make a significant impact in her field.

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Cyrine Sabeur Net Worth

Cyrine Sabeur's net worth is not publicly disclosed, which is common for individuals who maintain a private personal profile despite their public associations.

However, considering her role as the vice-president at Europe Études, it's reasonable to assume that she earns a competitive salary. Her financial status likely reflects her professional success and her career in the business sector, which typically offers substantial financial rewards for executive-level positions.

Wesley Fofana’s net worth is estimated to be roughly £6 Million. Wesley Fofana’s annual salary is £10,400,000 and he earns £200,000 per week.

Cyrine Sabeur Social Media

Cyrine Sabeur maintains a relatively low-profile presence on social media. Unlike many spouses of high-profile athletes, she chooses not to be very active publicly online.

This decision aligns with her overall approach to privacy and her preference for keeping her personal life separate from the media spotlight.

When Cyrine does share content, it tends to focus on personal milestones, family events or vacations. This balance allows her to connect with others on a controlled basis without compromising her and her family's privacy.

You can check Cyrine Sabeur’s Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @cyrinesbr.

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Cyrine Sabeur Body Measurements

Cyrine Sabeur’s height is 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in). Cyrine Sabeur has dark hair and brown eyes.

Currently, Cyrine Sabeur doesn’t have tattoos on her body.

Cyrine Sabeur and Wesley Fofana’s Children

As of the latest updates, Cyrine Sabeur and Wesley Fofana have not publicly shared information about having children.

The couple appears to maintain a private approach when it comes to their family life, choosing not to disclose details about children if they have any. This privacy helps them to protect their personal life from the public eye, allowing them to enjoy their family moments away from media scrutiny.

As they both have careers that can attract significant public attention, their decision to keep such personal details private is understandable.

However, in recent Instagram post, Wesley Fofana shared several pictures of a little girl with the caption 'Daddy's girl'. So, we assume that Wesley Fofana does have children.

Top Facts About Cyrine Sabeur

Cyrine Sabeur is known to many as Wesley Fofana's wife, but there's a lot more to her story. In the list below, we share some interesting facts about Cyrine that show her unique qualities and accomplishments.

From her education to her career and how she handles her public life, these points give a fuller picture of who Cyrine Sabeur really is. Let's take a closer look at these key details about her life.

  • Cyrine Sabeur graduated from EM Strasbourg, a top business school in France.
  • She is a vice-president at Europe Études, leading in strategy and management.
  • Cyrine Sabeur keeps a low profile on social media, sharing selectively.
  • She values privacy, rarely discussing personal or family life publicly.
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