Edgar Davids Juventus

Why did Edgar Davids wear glasses?

Edgar Davids will be remembered for his fiery temper and excellent skills, but most importantly for his iconic glasses.

angel correa wife sabrina

Who is Angel Correa's Stunning Girlfriend? Top Facts About Sabrina di Marzo

Sabrina di Marzo, the beautiful partner of Atletico Madrid star Angel Correa, is an Instagram influencer motivating thousands of people.

lionel scaloni wife elisa

Who is Lionel Scaloni'sStunning Wife? Top Facts About Elisa Montero

Elisa Montero and Argentina head coach Lionel Scaloni have been dating since 2008 but didn't get married until 2018 despite having two sons.

didier deschamps wife claude

Who is Didier Deschamps's Beautiful Wife? Top Facts About Claude Deschamps

Claude Deschamps and Didier Deschamps started dating in 1986 but got married three years later in a lavish wedding ceremony.

julian alvarez wife maria

Who is Julian Alvarez's Stunning Girlfriend? Biography of Maria Emilia Ferrero

Maria Ferrero, a grass hockey player, and Julian Alvarez have been dating for a long time, but have kept the relationship secret.

dominik livakovic helena wife

Who is Dominik Livakovic's Stunning Wife? Top Facts About Helena Livakovic

Helena Livakovic, the stunning wife of Croatia national team star Dominik Livakovic, is an Industrial designer and an Instagram influencer.

diogo costa wife catarina

Who is Diogo Costa's Stunning Girlfriend? Top Facts About Catarina Machado

Catarina Machado is a successful fashion designer in Portugal and a devoted mother to Costa's son, who was born during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

bono wife imane

Who is Yassine Bounou's Wife? Top Facts About The Beautiful Imane

Imane, the stunning wife of Morocco and Sevilla star Yassine Bounou, is an inspiring Instagram influencer and a role model for many women.

Teun Koopmeiners wife rosa

Who is Teun Koopmeiners's Girlfriend? Top Facts About the Stunning Rosa Schmidt

Rosa Schmidt, the beautiful girlfriend of Atalanta player Teun Koopmeiners, is one of the most mysterious WAGs, avoiding any public appearances.

KDB wife michele lacroix

Who is Michele Lacroix? Meet Kevin De Bruyne's Stunning Wife

Michele Lacroix managed to heal De Bruyne's heart after his ex's betrayal and she is the reason for KDB's success.

ricardo horta wife catia

Who is Ricardo Horta's Beautiful Wife? Top Facts About Catia Almeida

Catia Almeida, the wife of Ricardo Horta, has been with him since he was making his first steps into professional football.

dejan lovren anita wife

Who is Dejan Lovren's Beautiful Wife? Top Facts About Anita Lovren

Anita Lovren and Dejan Lovren had a difficult time in their relationship, but the footballer worked things out.

erling haaland wife isabel

Who is Erling Haaland's Stunning Girlfriend? Top Facts About Isabel Johansen

Isabel Johansen and Erling Haaland have known each other for a long time, but they've been dating just for a few months.

sergej milinkovic savic wife natalija

Who is Sergej Milinkovic-Savic's Stunning Wife? Top Facts About Natalija llic

Natalija Ilic, the wife of Lazio star Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, is a doctor and an Instagram star with very spicy snaps.

paul scholes wife claire man united

Who is Paul Scholes Beautiful Wife? Biography of Claire Froggatt

Paul Scholes values family above everything else, but recently there seems to be a problem between him and his wife Claire.

gonzalo montiel wife karina

Who is Gonzalo Montiel's Stunning Girlfriend? Top Facts About Karina Nacucchio

Karina Nacucchio, the girlfriend of Gonzalo Montiel, supported him through the journey and encouraged him to be the best.

papu gomez wife linda

Who is Papu Gomez's Wife? Top Facts About the Beautiful Linda Raff

Linda Raff is an architect, a fashion designer with her clothing brand and a full-time mother to three children.

german pezzella wife augustina

Who is German Pezzella's Stunning Wife? Top Facts About Agustina Bascerano

Agustina Bascerano, the beautiful wife of German Pezzella, is a successful model and a real fashion icon.