Jesus Corona wife Porto Gabriela Garcia

Jesus Manuel Corona Wife - Gabriela Garcia

Jesus Corona has been one of the top players of the Portuguese giants FC Porto.

Tecatito Corona has helped his team win many trophies since he joined them back in 2015.

However, we believe that you are here because you want to learn more about Corona's personal life and more specifically about his gorgeous wife.

Who is Jesus Tecatito Corona's wife?

Corona has been married to the stunning Gabriela Garcia.

The couple started to date many years ago, as it is believed that they started to date back in 2013.

It is still unknown when exactly they got married, as Corona and Garcia prefer to keep this information for themselves.

Who is Gabriela Garcia?

Gabriela became famous for being the wife of Jesus Manuel Corona.

She is not like the typical WAGs, who share everything with their fans.

Gabriela is a very private person and she prefers to stay away from the spotlight..

Now let's take a closer look into Gabriela Garcia's biography and learn more about her.

Gabriela Garcia Bio

There is no actual information on the year of birth of Gabriela Garcia. However, she was born on October 17 and we believe that her age is 29, just like Corona's.

According to her birthday, Gabriela Garcia's zodiac sign is Libra.

As far as we know, Gabriela was born in Mexico, which means that her nationality is Mexican.

Gabriela Garcia Family

Gabriela Garcia's mother is called Linda.

Garcia has two siblings. She has a brother, Ube and a sister, Elizabeth.

Gabriela Garcia Social Media and Career

There is actually very little information regarding Gabriela's career.

According to her Instagram description, she works for Lic. Administración.

When it comes to her Insta, Gabriela is very famous there. She has over 45K followers.

You can check Gabriela Garcia's Instagram profile here.

She also has a Twitter account which you can check here.

Gabriela and Jesus Corona's Children

Gabriela and Tecatito are blessed with two lovely children.

In October 2016, Gabriela gave birth to the couple's first child, a son, Jesus Gabriel.

In December 2017, they welcomed their daughter Julia.