Lorenzo Insigne Wife Genoveffa Darone Napoli

Lorenzo Insigne Wife - Genoveffa Darone

Genoveffa Darone is the stunning wife of the Napoli star, Lorenzo Insigne. Lorenzo Insigne is a committed family guy and has two beautiful kids with his wife Genoveffa, a.k.a Jenny. In the following article you will learn interesting facts about Genoveffa, so let's begin.

Lorenzo Insigne is one of the most famous Italian footballers and one of the key players of Napoli. Insigne was born on June 4, 1991 and he started his professional career at the age of 15. Insigne was part of the youth team of Napoli.

Who is Lorenzo Insigne's wife?

Lorenzo Insigne is married to his teen love, Genoveffa Darone. Lorenzo and Jenny met each other in Naples and from the moment he laid his eyes on her he knew that she was going to be a very special woman for him. Insigne was still playing on loan for Pescara, when he started dating Jenny.

Just seven months after they began their relationship, Lorenzo proposed to Genoveffa Darone. In December 2012, Lorenzo Insigne and Genoveffa Darone got married in a lavish wedding ceremony in front of the eyes of their closest friends and family members.

Who is Genoveffa Darone?

Genoveffa Darone-Insigne is mostly famous for being the wife of the Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne. Jenny Darone is actually a very private person and she doesn't like to share personal information publicly.

Now let's take a closer look into Genoveffa Darone's biography and learn as much as possible about her.

Genoveffa Darone Bio

Genoveffa Darone was born on September 24, 1992, which means that her age is 30.

According to her birthday, Jenny Darone's zodiac sign is Libra, meaning that she is recognized for her sociability, diplomacy and style. Usually people born under the sign of Libra thrive in group settings, as they always seem to know what to say or do to bring harmony to the group.

Genoveffa Darone was born in Italy, so her nationality is Italian, such as her husband's.

Genoveffa Darone Family

Genoveffa Darone's parents were very kind and caring. Her father is Flavio, and her mother is Evelina.

Genoveffa has two sisters, Lucia and Violetta, and one brother Roberto. Jenny had a very delightful childhood and she had a lot of fun with her siblings, while growing up. Her parents made everything possible to raise their children right.

Genoveffa Darone Religion

Genoveffa and her family, like many other Italian families, are Christians. Her husband, Lorenzo Insigne, is also a Christian and visits the church regularly.

Genoveffa Darone Education

Genoveffa Darone graduated high school in her home town in Italy and she was an excellent student. Unfortunately, we were unable to find out whether she enrolled in university after that or if she chose to devote her time to her career.

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Genoveffa Darone Professional Career

Genoveffa has decided to devote her time to her family. Although she had many opportunities to work in Naples, she is currently a housewife.

Before she met Lorenzo Insigne she was working as a saleswoman in a hair care shop.

Genoveffa is one of the most devoted WAGs out there and she shows great dedication toward her husband. She is always there to watch him play and during Euro 2020 she was always in the crowd to support him.

Genoveffa Darone Net Worth

Genoveffa Darone net worth is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Lorenzo Insigne's net worth on the other hand is very significant. Insigne's net worth is estimated to be over €35 Million.

Lorenzo Insigne's annual salary is around €8,5 Million and his weekly wage is €163,462, making him one of the highest paid Napoli players.

Having so much money allows you to have a luxurious life. Lorenzo Insigne has astounding cars such as Ferrari 458 and Mercedes Benz AMG GT63 s.

Genoveffa Darone Social Media

Genoveffa Darone has had an Instagram account since 2020, but she quickly gained a lot of followers. Genoveffa is one of the most famous WAGs in Serie A. She gained over 111K followers on Insta and they are continuing to grow on a daily basis.

You can check Genoveffa Darone's Instagram here. She goes by the nickname @daronejenny.

Genoveffa Darone Body Measurements

Genoveffa Darone is one very beautiful woman and you can't deny it. She looks like a true model, despite not being one in real life.

Genoveffa Darone's height is 5'9'' (172 cm) and her weight is around 58 kg. She has dark hair and dark eyes.

Genoveffa's body measurements are 36-26-36 inches. Genoveffa’s feet size is 6 (US). She has several tattoos, but not as many as Lorenzo.

Genoveffa Darone and Lorenzo Insigne's Children

Genoveffa Darone and Lorenzo Insigne have two children together. They have two sons.

On 4 April 2013, Jenny gave birth to Insigne's first son, Carmine Insigne. Two years later, on 13 March 2015 they welcomed their second son Christian Insigne.