Thays Gondim Joelinton Wife Newcastle

Who is Joelinton's Girlfriend - Thays Gondim?

Thays Gondim and Joelinton are parents of two children, despite being so young. Thays and Joelinton have been together for ages. In this article you will learn everything there is to know about Thays Gondim, so read on to find out many interesting facts about her.

Joelinton is one of the star names of Newcastle. He quickly became a regular starter for The Magpies. When he was part of the 1899 Hoffenheim team he showed his great talent and in 2019 he joined the Premier League side Newcastle United. The fans were very delighted with the signing of the Brazilian not only because he is a great talent and the much-needed reinforcement in attack, but also because he brought his stunning girlfriend with him to St. James' Park.

Who is Joelinton's girlfriend?

Joelinton is in a long-term relationship with the stunning Thays Gondim. Joelinton and Thays started dating in their teen years. They have been together since 2015. Joelinton and Thays Gondim met in their hometown in Brazil and it was love at first sight. Many believe that they are married because they have two children together, but for now, they are still not considering it. We believe that soon, Thays Gondim will become Joelinton's wife.

Who is Thays Gondim?

Thays Gondim is a full-time mother and the long-term girlfriend of the Newcastle star Joelinton. Thays is a person, who gives everything to her loved ones that's why she followed Joelinton to every team he played.

Now let's take a closer look into Thays Gondim's biography and learn everything there is to know about the Brazilian beauty.

Thays Gondim Bio

Thays Gondim was born on June 15, 1998, so her age is 24. Thays is two years younger than Joelinton.

According to her birthday, Thays Gondim's zodiac sign is Gemini, which means that she is a very smart, outgoing and creative person. Usually, people born under the sign of Gemini are known for their great sense of humour and their friendly behaviour.

Thays Gondim was born in Aliança, Brazil, meaning that her nationality is Brazilian, such as her boyfriend's.

Thays Gondim Family

Thays Gondim is a private person, who doesn't like to give any personal information regarding her life. She hasn't shared any information about her parents, so we don't know who her mother and father are. Her parents did everything they could to give Thays Gondim all the love and support she needed while growing up.

It is also unknown if Thays Gondim has siblings or if she is an only child. She hasn't shared any details about her childhood.

Thays Gondim Education

Thays Gondim completed her education in Brazil. There is no information if she enrolled in university after graduating from high school. We believe that she chose to follow her boyfriend to Germany and later to England.

Thays Gondim Professional Career

Thays Gondim's job is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information. There are no details around Thays Gondim's occupation. She hasn't disclosed any information about her job. We believe that at this point she is mostly focused on raising her children and she is taking some time off of her work.

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Thays Gondim Net Worth

Thays Gondim's net worth is under review at the moment so stay tuned for further information. Since we were unable to find Thays Gondim's job we are not sure about her income as well.

Joelinton Cássio Apolinário de Lira's net worth on the other hand is quite significant. Joelinton's net worth is estimated to be over $27,5 Million. Joelinton is one of the highest-paid Newcastle United players and his annual salary is €4,5 Million and his weekly wage is €86,538.

Thays Gondim Social Media

Thays Gondim is quite popular on social media. She has gained near 10K followers on Instagram, where she is very active. Thays uploads mostly pictures of her lovely children.

You can check Thays Gondim's Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @thaysgondim_.

Thays Gondim Body Measurements

Thays Gondim's height is around 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m) and her weight is around 55 kg (121 lbs). She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Thays Gondim has several small tattoos on her arm.

Thays Gondim and Joelinton's Children

Thays Gondim and Joelinton have two children together. They have a son and a daughter.

In January 2017, the couple welcomed their son, but they haven't revealed his name. In October 2020, Thays Gondim gave birth to Joelinton's daughter, Julia.