Lucas Digne wife Tiziri Everton

Lucas Digne wife - Tiziri Digne

Lucas Digne has been one of the key players in defence for Everton in the past couple of years.

However, we decided to focus our attention on his personal life and more specifically on his wife and find out more about her.

Who is Lucas Digne wife?

Lucas Digne has been married to Tiziri Digne since 2014..

Their love life started way back in time, as they began to date when they were still 16.

The childhood sweethearts met when they were still at high school and in December 2014 they tied the knot in a very beautiful wedding ceremony.

Who is Tiziri Digne?

Now let's talk more about Tiziri Digne biography and learn more about her.

Tiziri Digne was born on July 1, 1993, which means that her age is 29. According to her birthday, Tiziri Digne's zodiac sign is Cancer.

Tiziri Digne was born in Lille, France. Tiziri is the eldest sister, as she has one sister.

Tiziri has a bachelor's degree in Law, but she is crazy about fashion.

Digne's wife even has her own blog, where she discus different topics related to fashion.

Tiziri Digne admits that she was passionate about fashion and dance since she was very young.

She even had a notepad in collage, where she wrote down her looks and planned her outfits.

But it was in high school, when she developed her love for the different brands, collections and designers.

She even says for herself "I live fashion, I breathe fashion and I dream of fashion!"

However, Tiziri Digne is not only passionate about fashion.

She is also into fitness and she is looking to build a career as a journalist.

Digne loves to workout and she often post snaps of her in her gym clothes. She and her partner also post videos of their latest workouts on Instagram.

Tiziri Digne is very popular on Insta, as she has over 53K followers, who she keeps engaged with the latest fashion trends.

You can check Tiziri Digne Instagram here. She also has a Twitter account, which you can check here.

Lucas Digne family

Lucas Digne and Tiziri Digne have been blessed with one child.

On April 2, 2019, Tiziri Digne gave birth to Lucas Digne's son.