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Liverpool quiz

Lets see how much you know about the club from Anfield.

What's the capacity of Anfield?

All time top goal-scorer?

Most continental appearances?

Which year Klopp took charge of Liverpool?

Most expensive transfer?

How many titles does Liverpool have?

Who was the Liverpool's captain before Steven Gerrard?

Who missed the final penalty on the famous CL final in Instanbul in 2005?

From which club was Sadio Mane bought from?

Who was the Liverpool's manager before Jurgen Klopp?

What's Dirt Kuyt nationality?

Who scored the final quick-corner goal against Barcelona?

Which club Luiz Suarez used to play for before joining Liverpool?

Which club was Fernano Torres sold to for a record British transfer at the time?

Steven Gerrard left Liverpool in?

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