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Amazing news: Nouri back home after 33 months in coma

Former Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri has finally came back home after spending nearly three years in a coma.

Nouri suffered a cardiac arrhythmia attack on the pitch back in July 2017 during a friendly game. He ended up with severe and permanent brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen supply.

The 22-year-old is now awake and according to his brother is living in a new home, one specifically designed to cater for his needs.

His brother, Abderrahim Nouri, revealed that he can now sit up, watch football and convey emotion, but it is 'very dependent'.

“Things are going much better than in the hospital,” said Abderrahim.

“He is aware of where he is, he is back in a familiar environment with his family. He is no longer in a coma. He’s just awake.

“He sleeps, he sneezes, he eats, he burps, but it’s not like he gets out of bed. He’s very bedridden and still very dependent on us.”

Nouri communicates with them raising his eyebrows as h still can't talk or do any gestures.

“On his good days, there is a form of communication, for example, confirmation with his eyebrows or a smile. But you notice that he can’t last that very long,” said his brother.

"Sometimes he is emotional but often there is also a smile. That makes you really appreciate a smile.”

Due to this tragic incident, Ajax admitted that their on-field treatment of Nouri was “inadequate” and they relieved club doctor Don de Winter of his duties.

Ajax have now named their Talent of the Future award after Nouri, who was highly considered as one of the bright stars of the future before his career was tragically cut short.