Bundesliga potential return in doubt

The potential Bundesliga return is now under increased scrutiny after Hertha Berlin forward Salomon Kalou posted a video of himself while breaching the social distancing rules.

Kalou, 34, who is former Chelsea player, was seen shaking hands with his teammates and he was interrupting Jordan Torunarigha test. Later the video was removed from his account.

The German Football League (DFL), called the images "unacceptable" as they are working on a way to resume the campaign and to do so they need the government approval.

Hertha Berlin have suspended the player immediately due to his immature behaviour saying that "is neither appropriate to the situation nor corresponds to the rules of conduct of the club".

The club said that the video came after Kalou's coronavirus test came negative and that is why he reacted in such a way.

The club general manager Michael Preetz made a statement saying: "With his video, Salomon Kalou has not only done a great deal of damage to Hertha BSC, but also created the impression that individual players are not taking the issue of coronavirus seriously, in a time of great discussion on the resumption of football and the role of the professional game."

Salomon Kalou, who spent six years with Chelsea, apologized for his actions.

"I am sorry if I gave the impression that I am not taking coronavirus seriously.

“The opposite is the case, because I am especially worried about the people in Africa, because the medical care there is nowhere near as good as in Germany.

"I didn't really think it through, and was excited that my tests came back negative.

"I would also like to apologise to all those who appeared in the video who didn't know that I was broadcasting live and whom I didn't want to bring into this situation."

Earlier on Monday the DFL stated that 10 positive coronavirus tests came from the country's top two divisions.

All players in the first and the second tier have been tested since last Thursday. The 10 individuals with positive tests have been isolated as the clubs continue their training.

On Wednesday is expected that the DFL will come up with a decision whether their plans to resume group training meet with government approval, but it is expected that there will not be any fixtures until May 16 at earliest.

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