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Premier League set to return in June

The Premier League clubs will hold a video meeting to decide whether it is possible the to return to action in June.

All 20 clubs will hold their latest conference call on Friday, but the resuming of the season depends on the government.

The government is set to review the current lockdown on May 7, as detailed planning continues under a 'Project Restart' programme. The Premier League fixtures will be played behind closed doors.

The prime minister of UK, Boris Johnson said: "I ask you to contain your impatience."

Johnson said that UK is "making progress" and "beginning to turn the tide" against the COVID-19 pandemic, but he pointed out the importance of keeping the social distancing.

All sport events including the football matches will resume when the government decides that it is safe for everyone.

The Premier League and all other sport events will have to meet specific criteria before they return to action. That includes testing arrangements for the participants in those events, paid for by sporting authorities or clubs, and also ensuring measures in order to avoid the mass gatherings in front of the stadiums.

It is still not clear whether the Premier League will resume at approved stadiums, or at a neutral venue such as St George's Park.

However, all clubs are determined to finish the season and the remaining games in the UEFA tournaments.

After the Eredivisie was voided, there was a big chance that the Premier League might be the next league to cancel the current campaign, but now everyone seems ready to return in June.

Whether Liverpool, who are 25 points clear at the top of the table, are going to lift the title any time soon or not it will got clear in the upcoming weeks.

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