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Danny Rose: "We’re guinea pigs or lab rats"

Danny Rose spoke yet again for 'Project Restart' and the Premier League plans to return in the middle of June, claiming that the footballers are treated as ‘guinea pigs or lab rats’.

Tottenham Hotspur defender, who is currently on loan at Newcastle, Danny Rose was all over the headlines last week as he heavily criticized the Premier League plans to restart.

However, the clubs voted to return to training in small groups as they are aiming in mid-June return. Danny Rose on the other hand is still not convinced that this is the best option.

“I’m dying to get back to football but just with the things that are happening right now, people are going through this coronavirus pandemic a lot worse than me, I don’t want to be complaining about everything,” said the Englishman in theThe Lockdown Tactics podcast with Robert Snodgrass and Kris Boyd.

“Just off the fact that people are suggesting we should go back to football, like we’re guinea pigs or lab rats.

“We’re going to experiment this phase and see if it works or not. I can just imagine people at home saying, ‘Well they earn that amount of money so they should be going back’.”

On Tuesday, the Premier League made a statement that six people have tested positive for COVID-19, but the names of the people who contracted the virus were not revealed.

It was reported that around 748 people have been tested on Sunday and Monday as a part of the league’s partnership with the Prenetics consortium.

These tests are due to take place twice a week from now on as a precaution and safety for the players and the staff members.

However, Danny Rose admitted that a phone call with Newcastle boss Steve Bruce made him realise that he could have expressed himself better last week when he said that the return to football ''is b*******."

“I didn’t think too much to it. I was having my breakfast the next day and then I saw Steve Bruce coming up on my phone. So I was like ‘oh no!’,” added the England international.

“I let it ring for about 30 seconds and then I thought I’d better answer this. So I went in another room and I spoke to him and he said I just need to word things a bit better if I’m going to do things like that.

“He explained the measures that they’re going to do to make things safe. Obviously I’ve seen the headlines and we, as footballers and people in the public, we have a platform.

“I know I maybe could have worded what I said a bit better but I do feel exactly how you’re feeling that six weeks ago, Matt Hancock was saying that footballers need to half their wages and now six weeks on we’re needed to hopefully try to entertain people.

“People need to make their minds up. It’s one way or the other.”

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