Mathieu Flamini

Mathieu Flamini net worth

Today we have our focus on Mathieu Flamini, who is believed to be the richest footballer alive.

While Flamini was a football player he was never in the highlights of attention and was never among the biggest earners, but he turned out to have a great entrepreneur sense.

Flamini football career

As we said Flamini was never among the highest earners when he played football. The Frenchman played for big teams, but he was never in the spot of attention.

Mathieu Flamini started his career with Marseille, but after just one year he joined the English team Arsenal.

When Flamini played for Arsenal he was never as good as Patrick Vieira and Cesc Fabregas, but we can say one thing for sure - he gave his heart on the pitch everytime he played.

After four years with the Gunners, Flamini moved to Milan as the Rossoneri offered him a big salary increase.

Outside football, Flamini showed great business sense and he invested the money he has to open his company back in 2008.

Mathieu Flamini company

Who said footballers cannot be smart? Except a football player, Flamini turned out to be a smart entrepreneur, concerned about the environment.

Flamini is a co-founder of GF Biochemicals along side with his friend Pasquale Granata. Flamini's business has become one of the most respected in its field.

It's a 'clean energy' business, which focus on the production of levulinic acid, which is a molecule pulled from plant waste and is believed to serve as a substitute for petrol.

Put in other words, Flamini did not made his fortune as a football star, but from saving the planet.

Flamini net worth

Flamini is believed to be a billionaire, considering the fact that his company is the first in the world to be able to mass-produce levulinic acid.

Many claim that his net worth is around €30 bn, but the former Arsenal player denies the rumors saying: "Contrary to what I read, I do not have €30 billion in my bank account.

"In fact, that is the total value of the market we want to 'attack' with the new technologies we have developed in recent years."

So, if Flamini is not a billionaire, what exactly is his net worth?

As a player, Flamini did not earn much. Flamini played for Getafe, who are said to be one of the lowest-paying clubs in LaLiga, with average wage of €13,000 per week.

However, Flamini seems to not care for the money he received from his career as a footballer as he has a rapidly growing company, which has a market value somewhere in the vague region of £20m to £30m.

However, as it seems the Frenchman has his attention fully occupied from his work outside football, as currently Flamini is without a team.

As for his personal life, Mathieu Flamini does not have a girlfriend, which could distract him from saving the planet.

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