Manuel Lanzini West Ham wife Jennifer

Manuel Lanzini Girlfriend - Jennifer Reina

Manuel Lanzini has always been one of the best players of West Ham United.

He is famous for his dribbling abilities as well as with his vision.

But we decided to focus our attention on his personal life and learn as much as possible for his long-time girlfriend.

Who is Manuel Lanzini girlfriend?

Manuel Lanzini has been in a long-term relationship with the stunning Jennifer Reina.

The two met back in 2018 and soon after that they began to date.

Shortly after Lanzini and Reina got together, she decided to move with him in London.

There they live with Lanzini's son, Benjamin Lanzini, who is from a past relationship and was born in 2012.

Who is Jennifer Reina?

Now a little more information on Jennifer Reina biography.

Jennifer Reina was born on July 9, 1993, which means that her age is 29.

According to her birthday, Reina's zodiac sign is Cancer.

Jennifer Reina was born in Argentina, meaning that her nationality is Argentinian.

Jennifer Reina has several occupations.

She works as a make up artist and a photographer, as well as a fashion producer.

Lanzini's girlfriend has a great sense of fashion.

But the fashion is not the only thing that she loves.

Jennifer is a travel seeker.

She has traveled all over the world, as she just loves to explore the different cultures.

Reina also has an amazing body shape, which she maintains by training regularly.

Jennifer Reina is very active on social media.

She posts on Instagram on the daily basis.

Let's be honest here, her pictures on Insta are just amazing! What else did you expect by a photographer?

You can check Jennifer Reina Instagram here.

Reina and Lanzini are crazy about Game of Thrones.

They even got dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and the Night King for Halloween in 2018.