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Wout Weghorst Girlfriend - Nikki van Esch

Wout Weghorst has been one of the key players for VfL Wolfsburg ever since he joined them back in 2018.

The Dutch is known for his ability to hold up the play and his heading, but also for being a goal poacher with great reactive finishing in the box.

However, we believe that you are here because you wanted to learn more about Weghorst's personal life, rather than his professional one. So, here you will find everything you need to know about Wout Weghorst's girlfriend.

Who is Waut Weghorst's girlfriend?

Wout Weghorst has been in a long-term relationship with Nikki van Esch.

The couple have been together for ages, as they met in their 20s.

Wout and Nikki started their relationship back in August 2011 and they have been together ever since then.

Who is Nikki van Esch?

Nikki van Esch is mostly famous for being Wout Weghorst's long-term partner.

She also worked in the fashion industry.

Now, let's take a closer look into Nikki van Esch's biography and learn more about her.

Nikki van Esch Bio

Nikki van Esch was born on February 5, 1991, which means that her age is 31.

According to her birthday, Nikki's zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Nikki van Esch was born in the Netherlands, meaning that her nationality is Dutch, such as her partner's.

Nikki van Esch Family and Education

Nikki van Esch has not disclosed any information regarding her parents.

However, she has one sibling, a sister Dide van Esch.

When it comes to Nikki's education, it is known that she graduated from Saxion University of Applied Sciences with a bachelor's degree in Programme Textile Engineering and management.

She also attended Nantong Textile & Vocational Technology College.

Nikki can Esch Social Media

Nikki van Esch is not like the other WAGs that share every moment of their lives with their followers on the social platforms.

As a matter of fact she prefers to avoid the public appearances.

However, Nikki does use Instagram, but there she uploads lovely pictures of her boyfriend and their children.

You can check Nikki van Esch's Instagram here.

Nikki van Esch and Wout Weghorst's Children

Nikki and Wout are blessed with two lovely children.

On August 17, 2018, Nikki gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Juul.

Two years later, on April 17, 2020, after being pregnant for the second time, Nikki gave birth to Lucie Mary Jo.

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