Radja Nainggolan Wife Claudia Inter Roma

Radja Nainggolan Wife - Claudia Nainggolan

Claudia Nainggolan is the stunning wife of the famous footballer Radja Nainggolan.

Radja Nainggolan is known for his different hairstyles and his extravagant fashion sense, but also for his abilities on the football pitch, The Belgian started his career with Piacenza, but then he moved to Cagliari Calcio for a four-years spell, before joining Roma, where he actually made a name for himself.

Radja's professional career is something worth exploring, but we will leave that for another article as in today's one we decided to focus more on his wife.

Ragja Nainggolan's wife, Claudia is probably one of the most courageous and strong WAGs in the football world.

Who is Ragja Nainggolan's wife?

Radja Nainggolan is married to the stunning Claudia Nainggolan.

The couple have been together for many years, as they started dating during Radja's first year with Cagliari.

In 2011 Claudia and Radja married in a very extraordinary wedding, which was attended by their closest friends and their families.

Who is Claudia Nainggolan?

Claudia Nainggolan is mostly known for being the wife of the famous midfielder, Radja Nainggolan, who plays for the Italian team Cagliari Calcio.

Claudia Nainngolan is also a famous DJ.

Now let's take a closer look into Claudia Nainggolan's biography and learn why she deserves a huge respect for what she's been through.

Claudia Nainggolan Bio

Claudia Nainngolan (nee Lai) was born on June 29, 1982, so her age is 40.

According to her birthday, Claudia Nainngolan's zodiac sign is Cancer, which means that she is a very emotional person, who cares a lot for others. From what we've seen Claudia is a very wild person, who loves to live and loves life in general.

Claudia Lai was born in Italy, which means that her nationality is Italian.

Claudia Nainggolan Family

Claudia Nainggolan is the daughter of Narciso Lai, who served for the military. Claudia has not disclosed any information regarding her mother.

Claudia grew up with one sibling, a younger sister, Violetta Lai.

Claudia Nainggolan Career

As far as we know, Claudia used to work as a sales assistant before she met Radja Nainggolan.

Now Claudia Nainngolan's profession is as a DJ, and she has been to many parties performing her music.

For Claudia music is life and it has got her through one of her most difficult moments in her life.

Claudia Nainggolan Net Worth

Claudia Nainngolan's net worth is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Radja Nainngolan's net worth on the other hand is very significant as it is estimated to be over $14.5 Million.

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Claudia Nainggolan Social Media

Claudia is one of the most famous WAGs in the Serie A competition. The Italian beauty has gained over 94K followers on Instagram and the fans love her as she has shown them what a strong woman she is.

Claudia's influence on her audience is very positive and also she has shared her experience with the tumor.

You can check Claudia Nainngolan's Instagram here. She prefers to post mostly pictures of her two lovely daughters.

Claudia Nainggolan and Radja Nainngolan's Children

Claudia and Radja have two lovely daughters together.

In February 2012, Claudia gave birth to Radja Nainngolan's daughter, Aysha Nainngolan.

Four years later, in 2016, the couple welcomed their second child, Mailey Nainngolan.

Claudia Nainggolan Breast Cancer Fight

Claudia is probably one of the most inspiring people, as she has defeated one of the most terrifying diseases in the world, the breast cancer.

In 2019, Claudia was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to do chemotherapy sessions.

Radja Nainngolan decided to move to Cagliari in order to be closer to his wife and of course to spend more time with her during this difficult time in her life.

Fortunately, in 2020, a year after Claudia has been diagnosed with a tumor, she announced that she has won her battle against cancer.

Claudia Nainggolan and the Domestic Violence

In 2014, it was reported that Claudia was the victim of domestic violence by Radja Nainngolan.

Claudia went to the hospital to treat her injuries following a domestic abuse by her husband, who admitted by that time that they had difficulties in their marriage.

Reportedly, Radja attacked Claudia on the street while their daughter watched them from the car. The Belgian said that despite the problems in their marriage he never at any point used violence on his wife or their children.