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Alessandro Florenzi Wife - Ilenia Atzori

Alessandro Florenzi is one very lucky man as he has a wife, the stunning Ilenia Atzori. In the following article you will learn many interesting facts about Ilenia Atzori, so follow along so you don't miss anything.

Alessandro Florenzi is one of the most successful right-backs at the moment. Florenzi had an amazing loan spell at Paris Saint-Germain. He didn't get enough play time at the Euro 2020 due to a calf injury. He recovered very well as he was supported by his beautiful wife.

Who is Alessandro Florenzi's wife?

Alessandro Florenzi is married to the stunning Ilenia Atzori. Alessandro and Ilenia are childhood sweethearts and they have been together for ages.

In June 2015, Florenzi and Atzori tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony attended by their friends and family. Their wedding took place in Italy.

Who is Ilenia Atzori?

Ilenia Atzori is mostly known for being the wife of the Roma star, Alessandro Florenzi. Ilenia is a private person and she doesn't like to share any personal information about herself. She is a lover of photography.

Now let's take a closer look into Ilenia Atzori's biography and learn as much as possible about her.

Ilenia Atzori Bio

Ilenia Atzori was born on May 19, 1991, so her age is 31. According to her birthday, Ilenia Atzori's zodiac sign is Taurus, which means that she is a calm, patient and logical person. Usually people born under the sign of Taurus are very stubborn and they are very good cooks.

Ilenia Atzori was born in Italy, meaning that her nationality is Italian, such as her husband's.

Ilenia Atzori Family

Ilenia Atzori grew up in a very supportive and loving environment. Ilenia Atzori's parents did an amazing job in raising their daughter. She had an amazing childhood full of memories and fun.

Ilenia Atzori has not disclosed any information regarding her mother and her father. There is also no info if Ilenia Atzori has siblings or if she is an only child.

Ilenia Atzori Education

Ilenia Atzori graduated high school in her hometown in Italy and she was one of the best students in her class. Ilenia was an excellent student and she always loved studying. There are no details on her further education. We couldn't find any info on whether she enrolled in university or not.

Ilenia Atzori Professional Career

Ilenia Atzori's job is under review at the moment so stay tuned for further information. Ilenia has not disclosed any details on her occupation.

We believe that her profession has something to do with photography, as Ilenia always loved to take pictures and from the shots she has made you can see that she has an eye for detail.

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Ilenia Atzori Net Worth

Ilenia Atzori's net worth is under review at the moment so stay tuned for further information.

Alessandro Florenzi's net worth is estimated to be over €20 Million. Florenzi's annual salary is over €6 Million and his weekly wage is €‭119,231. Florenzi made his wealth from his career as a professional football player.

Ilenia Atzori Social Media

Ilenia Atzori is very popular on social media and she is very active as well. Atzori gained a lot of followers and the fans are in love with her content which is quite different from those of the other WAGs.

You can check Ilenia Atzori's Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @ileniaatzori.

Ilenia Atzori Body Measurements

Ilenia Atzori's height is around 5ft 4inch (165 cm) and her weight is around 55 kg. She is in great shape despite giving birth twice. Ilenia loves to train and she practices yoga. She is also trying to eat as healthier as possible.

Ilenia Atzori and Alessandro Florenzi's Children

Ilenia Atzori and Alessandro Florenzi have two children together. They have two daughters.

In 2016, Ilenia Atzori gave birth to Alessandro Florenzi's daughter, Penelope Florenzi. Two years later, on June 17, 2018 the couple welcomed their second child, but they haven't revealed her name.