Layvin Kurzawa wife PSG Melissa Chovet

Layvin Kurzawa Girlfriend - Melissa Chovet

Melissa Chovet is the stunning girlfriend of the Paris Saint-Germain defender, Layvin Kurzawa. Melissa and Layvin share something special between them, read on to find out what it is.

Layvin Kurzawa is one of the most famous left-backs in the world. He has won it all with PSG, showing his great talent. Kurzawa is actually pretty private about his personal life, but even he couldn't hide his beautiful girlfriend for long.

Who is Layvin Kurzawa's girlfriend?

Layvin Kurzawa is in a long-term relationship with the stunning Melissa Chovet. Layvin and Mélissa Chovet started dating back in 2016 and they have been together ever since then. Many believe that Melissa is actually Layvin Kurzawa's wife, because they share a daughter together, but the couple are still not considering getting married.

Who is Melissa Chovet?

Melissa Chovet is a model and a holistic coach. She is also known for being the partner of Layvin Kurzawa. Melissa gained most of her popularity after she started dating the PSG star.

Now let's take a closer look into Melissa Chovet's biography and learn as much as possible about her.

Melissa Chovet Bio

Melissa Chovet was born on September 4, 1994, so her age is 28. Melissa and Layvin share the same birthday, which makes their relationship even more special.

According to her birthday, Melissa Chovet's zodiac sign is Virgo, which means that she is a very intelligent, hardworking and reliable person. Usually the people born under the sign of Virgo are known for being very organized and patient.

Melissa Chovet was born in France, meaning that her nationality is French, such as her boyfriend's.

Melissa Chovet Family

Melissa Chovet is a very private person and she doesn't like to share any personal information with the media. That's why there is no info regarding her parents. It is unknown who her mother and father are. It is also unclear if Melissa has siblings or if she is an only child. There is no information if she has brothers and sisters.

Melissa Chovet Education

Melissa Chovet graduated high school in her hometown in France. She always loved studying and she put in a lot of hard work to get good grades and to get into a prestigious university. After finishing high school she enrolled in university, where she studied Holistic, Natural, and Integrative Medicine. She successfully got her diploma.

Melissa Chovet Professional Career

Melissa Chovet works as a model, a holistic coach and she is a successful entrepreneur. She is currently working on several projects.

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Melissa Chovet Net Worth

Melissa Chovet's net worth is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Layvin Kurzawa's net worth on the other hand is quite significant. Kurzawa's net worth is estimated to be over £30 Million. Layvin Kurzawa's annual salary is £4,1 Million and his weekly wage is £79,000.

Melissa Chovet Social Media

Melissa Chovet is new to social media. She made an Instagram account in April 2021 and since then she gained a lot of followers. She posts mainly pictures that motivate people to take a change in their lives, but also lovely snaps of her daughter.

You can check Melissa Chovet's Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @melissacvt_.

Melissa Chovet Body Measurements

Melissa Chovet's height is around 5 ft 7 inch (170 cm) and her weight is around 55 - 60 kg (121 - 132 lbs). Melissa has brown hair and dark eyes. She doesn't have tattoos on her body.

Melissa Chovet and Layvin Kurzawa's Children

Melissa Chovet and Layvin Kurzawa have one child together. They have a daughter.

In September 2018, Melissa Chovet gave birth to Layvin Kurzawa's daughter, Kendjaia Kurzawa.