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Football Players That Like Playing Casino Games

Athletes are known for their passion for gambling. It’s one of their favorite hobbies, as they can continue competing with others once they are off the field. It only shows that they, too, are like any other human who likes the adrenaline rush. Additionally, they also like playing online casinos as much as they do in retail ones. With so many good payout options in the market, it’s clear that playing at an online casino is a valid option. You can read about best payout casinos like they did and pick the top platform for yourself. Let’s take a look at the top football stars that enjoy playing various casino games.

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in the world. While many would argue that he is the best, Lionel Messi’s fans would disagree. Still, Ronaldo holds several records and has signed the most valuable contract worth over $200 million. That’s an insane amount of money, especially at the age of 37 when his career is slowing down.

Being so successful means having confidence, discipline, and a competitive spirit. The last quality is what also gets Christiano Ronaldo in online casinos as much as it does in the retail ones. Like many other professionals, he loves the adrenaline rush and wants to win. His favorites include blackjack and poker. He doesn’t bet on sports on the best football betting sites. It’s not legal, and it would get him in trouble like other players caught gambling in pro football. Players who enjoy casino football betting will not be included in the list, as it’s not permitted by the biggest football leagues in the world.

Neymar Jr

Another big name in football is Neymar Jr. He is known as one of the top players who has played for some of the best football clubs in Europe. They include Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain. In fact, the last club had to pay over $250 million to get him to play there. He has shown himself to be a true Brazilian superstar with his unique playing style. But he is not only magical in the field, he is also competitive when he is not playing football.

He does not belong to the group of players gambling on football games. He prefers traditional slots with a little bit of poker. The second one is the perfect way to compete with others, as poker is more of a game of skill. While there is a luck element to it, there are a lot of strategies that can allow you to win even with a bad hand.

neymar jr celebrating with richarlison after scoring a goal for brazil national team

Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique has an impressive career and has played for some of the best European football clubs. Recently though, he has been in the public eye, not for his football skills, but for his relationship with Shakira. It seems that he came out victorious after the pop star made a song about him.

When it comes to gambling, like many other players, he enjoys playing poker. No matter if it’s online or in a retail casino, he will get excited equally as much as he loves the game. He has participated in tournaments in the past but never won any of them. That doesn’t mean that he won’t in the future after he retires. He’ll have much more time to focus on his poker skills.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is a legend of English football. He is one of the top-paid footballers, sitting right behind Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. He spent his prime playing at Manchester United and had a lot of success during those years. He is known as a big gambling fan, as it was one of his top hobbies. Blackjack and roulette are his top picks when it comes to casino games, but he enjoys playing others as well.

David Bentley

David Bentley started his career at Arsenal, a football club with a rich history. While his career was not as big as those that were mentioned above, David did manage to play professionally for over 15 years. He retired in 2014, as he had lost his passion for the sport.

When it comes to casino games, he was known as someone who enjoyed playing all sorts of games. In fact, he had football players gambling problem, which he managed to overcome. Aside from loving to play various casino games, he also enjoyed betting on horse races and greyhound races. However, he no longer enjoys this hobby. He prefers spending time on the beach in Spain, where he is now residing.


Athletes enjoy competing with one another in all possible ways. Football players are not the only ones who enjoy playing at online casinos. This applies to extreme sports lovers, top basketball stars, and car racers. All the athletes share that love for the adrenaline rush and desire to win. That’s why they enjoy playing casino games, as they make their heart race the same way when they are on the field. Even though potentially winning money is important, the chance to be better and win something is what motivates them to keep going.

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