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The World Cup favorites in the Americas

The 2022 World Cup is going to be an interesting event for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is going to be held in Qatar, which is extremely hot and, as a Muslim nation, has an approach towards alcohol consumption that is at odds with much of soccer culture around the world.

On top of that, many of the players are still getting back into “the groove” after the two-year hiatus that Covid-19 caused. It remains unclear how the players, teams and managers were affected in the long term by their long absence from the soccer field. Despite all this, it is gearing up to be an incredible year of firsts. It looks like this could be the magical year in which Cristiano Ronaldo leads the Portuguese team to its first-ever world title in the country’s history.

The teams of the Americas are also getting ready for an incredible World Cup and many of the teams are looking to be strong contenders for the World Cup title.

World Cup top contenders

The schedule for the World Cup is already set and 2022 World Cup Odds have been created. It has been predicted that the winner of the World Cup is likely to be Germany, Spain, England, France, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands or Portugal.

This list is clearly quite focused on European nations and also leaves out all of the teams which are located in the Middle East. One might hope that a Middle Eastern team such as Qatar, Iran or Saudi Arabia will perform well and bring pride to their nation. However, with the odds looking as they currently do, it is likely there will be another Brazil and Germany type situation in 2022.

World Cup 2022 odds

When it comes to the World Cup, there is no shortage of odds to calculate because of all the teams and games which are involved. Thankfully there are a lot of experts who have studied the performance of the teams and individual players that have developed a series of odds for the Cup.

The odds spell out success for some teams and question the performance of others, but one thing is certain: this is going to be an extremely exciting World Cup tournament.

For those interested in wagering on the World Cup, you might be best advised to use a form of system bet - this means that the often unpredictable nature of the tournament (particularly in the group stage) might not eat up your entire wager.

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Countries with the most World Cup appearances

While Brazil may have lost the World Cup which was hosted domestically, it remains the country with the most ever World Cup appearances. The Brazilian soccer team has made it to the World Cup in every single World Cup tournament. It is the only country to have accomplished such a feat.

Following Brazil, Italy and Germany have four World titles and France, Uruguay and Argentina have two titles each. England and Spain both have one title. Clearly, Brazil is the dominant force in the World Cup!

Odds for previous winners

The World Cup 2022 odds for the previous World Cup winners are surprising for some. The previous winners group stage odds include England -240, Argentina -195, France -250, Uruguay +260, Brazil -220 and Germany +115. The world cup winners odds for previous winners are: Brazil +500, France +600, England +650, Germany +1000, Argentina +1000 and Uruguay +5000.

The World Cup odds for group stage winners from the Americas include Argentina -195, Ecuador +380, USA +700, Brazil -220 and Uruguay +260. The odds for winners from the Americas include Brazil +500, Argentina +1000, Uruguay +5000, Mexico +12500, USA +12500, Ecuador +20000, Peru +20000 and Costa Rica +100000.

The US men’s team has successfully defended its title and qualified for the 2022 World Cup. The US is not known for its prowess when it comes to soccer, other than its women’s team, but the US team is slowly growing into an international contender.

The US men’s team is now in Europe and is getting ready for matches against Japan and Saudi Arabia, which are two other World Cup finalist teams. This is all to gear up for the team traveling to Qatar in November for their seventh consecutive World Cup.

How the team performs in the heat will certainly be a big question for the American team as, unlike some of the players from South and Central America, many of the American players are not used to playing in hot, uncomfortable conditions. It will certainly be a test of their fitness levels and could prove to be a shock to their system after spending time in Europe in November.