FIFA with a decision on the players’ contracts

The COVID-19 pandemic caused problems never seen before in the football world. The clubs are in a difficult situation regarding the financial situation and the players’ contracts.

FIFA came up with a solution on the problem with the contracts that expire in the summer. FIFA will close the transfer window until the start of next season so that those players on fixed deals will see their contracts remain valid.

The major problem remains for the players who are due to start the season for a new club on July 1.

Those players future is still uncertain, but one thing remains for sure and that's those players won't be able to play for their new clubs, as FIFA is closing the transfer window and it won't open like usual on July 1.

What about the loan players?

The players on loan must remain to the club they are playing for is the season is extended past June 30.

The clubs should continue paying their salaries, if that was agreed in the deal, until the player returns to his parent club.

Termination of the contracts

Clubs will have the right to trigger a termination clause in players' contracts if they refuse to stay despite their contract being extended.

There are many doubts regarding FIFA's decision, and one of those is whether clubs will have to pay players if their contracts are extended.

LaLiga clubs were told that they do not have to pay extra to the players whose contracts are paid on a season-by-season basis.

Returns to the home countries

In some cases players won't be able to return to their home countries due to the lockdown governments put regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the players are unable to return to Spain as the country has closed the borders. Border closures across the world could complicate things majorly if the season was to resume any time soon.

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