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Brendan Rodgers on his COVID-19 experience

Leicester head coach Brendan Rodgers recently has revealed that he had coronavirus and he suffered from the disease for almost three weeks.

The 47-year-old manager said that he fell ill right after the season was suspended due to the worldwide pandemic and he did not recover until April.

Rodgers' wife Charlotte was also feeling unwell, but now they both are feeling fine and Rodgers is taking training ahead of the Premier League‘s return next month.

Leicester boss is the second manager in the Premier League who contracted the virus after it was confirmed that Mikel Arteta, Arsenal head coach has suffered from the disease.

“A week or so after we had broken up, I wasn’t well and it was later detected I had the virus and a week later my wife had it," said Rodgers.

“We spent about three weeks, both of us, feeling the effects of it. We were nowhere near as bad as many others but we lost our smell and taste and our strength.

“I had a little feeling of what it was like, it was tough. Once we got back fit and well it made us really appreciate our health and I’ve taken the opportunity to get back to being as fit as I can be.

“The first time I tried to exercise I couldn’t run 10 yards. It really does knock you but it wasn’t as serious as a lot of people have had. You come out of it grateful you are fine.”

Rodgers is still tested twice a week for COVID-19 as well as the rest of the squad, following the government protocol, as the Premier League is targeting June 17 as a returning date.