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When will the transfer window open?

It is expected that the 2020 Premier League transfer window will be like nothing else before as the coronavirus pandemic completely changed the football landscape.

However, the end of the summer market was set to return on its original date as the top-flight clubs voted earlier this year.

In February at a meeting it was decided that the transfer window will be closed at the end of August or early September as for many years the final day as at the eve of the campaign.

However, with the issues around the COVID-19 pandemic we might see some drastic changes in the transfer market this year.

Richard Masters, top-flight chief executive, has confirmed that the window will not open until the current campaign ends on July 26 and there is still no official dates announced for when the window will close again.

According to some reports, FIFA are currently holding talks about keeping the next transfer window open for longer to help out football financially.

It is believed that the 2020 transfer window will be opened until January as spending on transfers is expected to fall when the season eventually finishes.

That will help the clubs to recover from the financial crisis and then consider signing new players.

However, the situation around the transfer market is evolving with every single day with the uncertainties around the coronavirus pandemic.

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