The Best Football Drills and Exercises for Kids

Do you have a young football fan in your house? If so, you know how important it is to get them started on the right foot with drills and exercises to improve their skills. Like other sports, it requires strength, speed, agility, and coordination, all of which must be nurtured early.

Here are some of the best football drills and exercises for kids to help them get started on the path to success.

Running Drills

Running drills are essential to any football training program, allowing children to hone their speed and endurance in a supportive environment. Incorporating these exercises into your child's regimen can have a marked impact on their overall performance, as more efficient running technique increases agility and quickness while increased stamina helps them stay in the game longer.

With regular practice of running drills, your child can run faster. Not only that, but the confidence gained through improved physical activity is sure to show up during game time - making it all the more enjoyable for your child.

One of the most effective running drills for kids is the classic "wind sprints" exercise. This drill involves having your child run full speed down a field and back, with each lap increasing in duration and intensity. After a few laps, your child should be able to run at top speed to build up strength and endurance.

Another great running drill for kids is the cone drill. This drill involves your child running around cones placed in an obstacle course-like setup. They must practice executing sharp turns quickly and accurately while working on their acceleration, deceleration, and directional changes.

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Passing Drills

Rather than relying on short drills that create shallow understanding, passing drills allow children to develop precise and accurate ball control. When conducted correctly, these drills can enable your child to accurately read opponents’ movements and craft precise, strategic passes to teammates in all positions on the field. Beyond the common end goal of a successful pass, passing drills also teach children how to make smart decisions with the ball and think tactically - key skill sets for any football player.

One example of a passing drill for kids is the two-line passing drill. This exercise requires two players to stand on opposite sides of a field, each with a ball. The two players then take turns passing back and forth over the lines in an alternating pattern. As they do this, they can work on their ball placement accuracy and control, as well as develop their ability to think ahead when making passes.

Another example of a passing drill is the “footbag” drill. This is a great way for children to work on their accuracy and technique when it comes to passing. It also helps them learn how to receive balls from different angles and heights – an important skill for any football player. To do this drill, have your child stand in front of you or another player about 10 feet away and pass a footbag or small ball back and forth between you both using only your feet. To make it more challenging, you can move further apart or increase the speed at which you pass the ball.

Finally, there is the “keep-away” game – another popular passing drill that encourages teamwork while honing individual skills such as accuracy and timing. For this drill, try splitting your team into two groups – one group has three players while the other has four – and have each group set up its mini-playing field using cones or markers on either side. Then have each team attempt to keep possession of the ball by passing among themselves without letting any members from the opposing team intercept it.

Shooting Drills

By focusing on the fundamentals of shooting, these drills can help your child develop quality form and technique while improving their strengths as a player. In addition, they will learn how to create space to take advantageous shots and become a better shooter overall.

One excellent shooting drill for kids is the "bounce shot" drill. This drill involves a player dribbling the ball at an opponent and then immediately shooting the ball off a bounce before the defender can react. This exercise teaches players to stay in control while encouraging them to be quick on their feet, as they need to act fast to create space and shoot before the defender has time to react.

Another great shooting drill for kids is the "wall pass" drill. This exercise requires two players, one with a ball and one without, and involves the player with the ball passing it off a wall or other flat surface at an angle that their teammate can intercept and shoot it into a goal. The objective of this drill is for players to learn how to angle passes so that their teammates have enough time to catch up and shoot accurately.

The "cone dribble-and-shoot" drill is also another effective way of developing shooting skills in young players. This drill requires two cones placed 10-15 feet apart from each other, as well as a goal post set at a distance. Players will then practice dribbling around each cone before taking a shot at the goalpost.

Finally, there's the "turn-and-shoot" drill which helps young players practice shooting from different angles and unexpected positions on the field. For this drill, have your child stand with their back towards you (or another player) about eight yards away. Then have them turn quickly when you (or other players) pass them the ball while they try to find space between defenders to take a successful shot on goal.

Dribbling Drills

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to get your child's ball control skills in football up to par, try implementing some dribbling drills. Not only are these drills straightforward and enjoyable for any age, but they are also a fantastic way to develop coordination and agility.

The first dribbling drill is the "zig-zag" drill. This exercise requires you to set up cones (or markers) in a zig-zag pattern on the field, with each cone spaced five feet apart. The objective of this drill is for players to move the ball around each of these cones quickly and accurately. To make this drill more challenging, you can have your child try it using only their weaker foot or add an extra layer of difficulty by having them stop and change direction at certain points in the course.

Another great dribbling drill for kids is the "figure eight" drill which helps players practice control and balance when in possession of the ball. For this exercise, set up two cones in a figure-eight pattern and have your child dribble the ball around each cone, alternating one side to the other. The aim is to ensure that they keep control of the ball while maintaining their speed as they move around each cone.

Finally, there's the "cross-over" drill which focuses on coordination and agility. For this exercise, set up two cones five yards apart, with lines drawn between them in opposite directions - like an X or cross shape. Then have your child practice dribbling and controlling the ball across these lines while crossing over it at different angles.

The Bottom Line

If you love sports betting, you already know the importance of drills and exercises in a training session. There are plenty of drills out there to help young players develop and hone their shooting and dribbling skills. With a bit of creativity, you can create some fun and engaging exercises that they'll love practicing.

What matters most is that your child enjoys the time they spend training and eventually develops the necessary technical abilities to succeed on the football field. So don't be afraid to get creative when working on developing your child's football skills.

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