Ter Stegen Barcelona

Ter Stegen's future at Barcelona

Barcelona are among the clubs who are little bit unsure about the transfers they are going to do in the summer as their financial status is unstable.

They don't know how much money they will have to spend on any transfers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But they are sure for one thing - Ter Stegen will stay at Camp Nou.

Why Barcelona are so sure that he will stay?

Even though the German has not yet penned an extension to his contract, the Catalans are sure that he will renew it as it expires in 2022.

Recently the 27-year-old goalkeeper said that he is planning to continue play for Barcelona in the future.

His desire to continue as a Barca player is the main reason why the coaches are calm, even confident that he will renew his contract.

According to MARCA, Barcelona are considering to tie down the German to a long-term deal, which the 27-year-old has always been in favour of.

However, the two sides are currently negotiating and as it seems the discussions have always been positive.

Of course there is always a possibility Ter Stegen to choose to move from Camp Nou, but Barcelona board is confident that at this stage the German will turn a deaf ear to the offers that the other clubs might make.

There are a lot of insecurities right now for the Catalans as the players are devided due to the wage cut off, following the pandemic, and their spot at the top of the LaLiga table is still unsure as they are just two points ahead their rivals Real Madrid.

But there is at least one thing that they are confident about and that is Ter Stegen will remain a Barcelona player.

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