Premier League

Premier League might be complete in China

According to The Athletic from the Premier League are considering to complete the remaining season in China.

On Friday, all 20 clubs are due to hold a video press conference to decide how they should proceed.

In England, the football was suspended until May 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic and all clubs are desperate to come up with decision about the remaining campaign. The idea of completing the season in China is still on the table.

There have been suggestions to complete the season in China as the country is already recovering from the virus and the national lockdown restrictions are due to be lifted on April 8.

A Premier League club’s chief executive told The Athletic: “The country that keeps getting proposed is China.

“It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s a crazy idea and I think it will get firmly rejected.”

However, the risk of not completing the season brings many financial problems to the clubs. The Premier League will have to pay around £762m if the season is being halted.

The clubs are losing a lot of money considering the fact that they are not getting any from tickets, and some of the clubs are even refunding the money that the football fans paid. If the season is not completed there will be some legal issues as the clubs who expected to be promoted won't be.

That's why the clubs are desperate to find a way to deal with the crisis that the pandemic caused.

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