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Barcelona with a promise to sign Neymar

Neymar has been linked with Barcelona since last summer, but in the coming transfer window it is very likely this time to move to Camp Nou.

Barcelona seem determined to sign the 27-year-old Brazilian player, despite being in very difficult financial situation tight now.

Barcelona negotiated with Neymar last year, but the negotiations fell apart, however the Catalans promised Neymar: "You either come this year or next year, that's for sure."

It is not a secret that Neymar was desperate to move from Paris-Saint Germain last summer, but his plan to join Barcelona again failed. He even tried to sign with Real Madrid, but the negotiations there fell apart too.

Barcelona was desperate to stop Neymar from joining their rivals and that is why they have promised him to sign him this summer.

If Neymar join Barcelona again this will be a great boost for the leader in the LaLiga table, as it will increase their sales of tickets and shirts.

However, that will be also a huge expense for the Catalans who are in a very delicate situation. They needed to reduce the wages of their players with 70 percent, and if Neymar join them he will demand a very high salary.

Barcelona also need to sign a new striker, as Suarez is already 33-year-old. They have considered Lautaro Martinez for the replacement of Luis Suarez – but will they have the money for both Neymar and Martinez?

In our opinion, it is more likely Barcelona to choose Neymar over Martinez, as the Brazilian has proven himself as a great player. He will be able to stand right next to Messi and lead the attack as they did back in the days, and let's not forget that Neymar is also a good friend with the 32-year-old Argentinian.

Martinez still need to prove what he is capable of as he is just 22-year-old. We are not sure that he will be a good addition to Camp Nou as we have seen through out the years that many great players were not able to play with Messi.

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