Griezmann barcelona

Griezmann will not leave Barcelona

Antoine Griezmann joins Barcelona last summer for 120 million euros and since then he has not completely fit in the squad.

Since his arrival he has not done anything significant, but despite that Barcelona are not considering to sell him or swap him.

There were some speculations that Barcelona are planning to swap Griezmann for Neymar, but the Catalans are not onsidering using the Frenchman as part of any swap deals.

Barcelona paid a big amount of money for the 29-year-old Frenchman and now they are not willing to sell him.

The current season was difficult for Griezmann, he had to adapt to a new style of play and since he arrived, he had to work with two different coaches.

There is an understanding in the Barcelona boardroom that this first season for Griezmann is a season of adaptation. Griezmann need to adapt to the more attacking style of play Barcelona have.

However, Griezmann is not having such a bad season, he scored 14 goals in 37 games, before the season was halted.

Of course, everyone expected more from him considering the fact that he is the World Cup winner and played very good football with Atletico Madrid, but the first year is always difficult for the players.

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