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Premier League all time top scorers

Premier League is known for its attacking players and offensive style of play. Throughout the years we have witnessed some of the best players in the world play for Premier League clubs.

Since the beginning of the Premier League which was back in 1992, until now only 28 players managed to score more than 100 goals in their career.

Oh My Football made a list of the six all time top scorers, so here it is.

6. Thierry Henry – 175 goals

Unbelievable pace, amazing dribbling, top notch passing and exquisite finishing – that's what made Thierry Henry one of the best strikers in the world.

The Frenchman had a great composure in front of goal that is the main reason why he won four consecutive Golden Boots from 2001 to 2006.

Thierry Henry is considered as one of the best strikers in the world and as one of the best centre – forwards in the history of the Premier League.

Henry started his professional career with Monaco, and eventually ended up as a manager of the club for a while.

The Frenchman was part of Arsene Wenger's 'Invincibles', when Arsenal won the Premier League in 2004 with no defeats throughout the season.

Thierry Henry, who joined Arsenal back in 1999, won the Premier League twice with the Gunners. The Arsenal legend holds the record for most assists in a season - 20.

For his 254 appearances for the London club Henry managed to score 175 goals.

5. Frank Lampard – 177

Super Frankie, widely considered to have been one of the greatest midfielders of all time.

Frank Lampard started his career with West Ham United, but eventually ended up with Chelsea for most of his professional career.

The Englishman was considered as one of the best due to his creativity and ability to score goals from any distance. Lampard holds the record for most goals scored from distance – 41.

Frank Lampard was master of the late arrivals in the box and slotting the ball right into the net. He was very efficient in attack and he paved the way for a new generation of attacking midfielders in the league.

The Englishman spent 13 years with the Blues, before joining Manchester City for one season. From a Chelsea player, Lampard became their current manager, and no one expected that he will be that good as a head coach.

Super Frank played in 609 games for the Blues, scoring 177 goals. He became Chelsea's top scorer of all time.

4. Sergio Agüero – 180

How would look like Manchester City without one of their best strikers of all time?

 Sergio Aguero has never scored fewer than 12 goals in a season. The Argentinian has been a key player for the Citizens since his arrival back in 2011.

He is considered to be one of the best strikers of his generation.

For his nine – year stay with Man City, Aguero helped them win the Premier League four times. In fact, in his first year wearing City shirt he won the league title.

In 2020, Aguero passed Henry's goals record and became the fourth most scoring player in the Premier League. For his 261 appearances, Kun Agüero scored 180 goals.

3. Andy Cole – 187

Andy Cole - the Manchester United legend, who helped them win the Premier League five times. The Englishman enjoyed eight trophy-laden seasons at Manchester United.

Cole was the first player ever in the Premier League history to score over 30 goals in a season. Andy Cole managed to score 34 goals in the 1993/94 season came when there were still 22 teams in the league, meaning he had 42 matches to get to that mark, but it doesn't make it any less impressive.

He is a Manchester United legend and is one of the five player who scored five goals in a single match. The arch-poacher was famed for his ruthlessness in front of goal.

He spent six years with the Red Devils, making 196 appearances for the club and netting the ball 93 times.

For his 414 appearances in the Premier League for the different clubs he played, Cole scored 187 goals. 

2. Wayne Rooney – 208

A true living Manchester United legend. Rooney is one of the two players who breached the 200-goal barrier in the Premier League.

The Englishman is a record goal scorer for both the England national team and Manchester United. He is considered to be one of the best players of his generation.

Wayne Rooney began his professional career with Everton, but when he was 18-year-old he joined Manchester United.

From 2004 to 2017, Rooney would score 183 league goals, setting the record for most league goals at a single club. The 34-year-old Englishman, is the third player with most assists in the Premier League after Cesc Fabregas and Ryan Giggs.

Rooney spent 13 years with the Red Devils and made 393 appearances for the club, scoring 183 goals.

Wayne Rooney played in 491 games, both for Manchester United and Everton and scored 208 goals.

1. Alan Shearer – 260

Alan Shearer is the top Premier League goal scorer of all time.

He was named Football Writers' Association Player of the Year in 1994 and won the PFA Player of the Year award in 1995.

Shearer does not only hold the record for most scored goals:

The Englishman spent 14 season in the league, helping Blackburn win the title in 1995. In 2004 Shearer was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living players.

Shearer retired in 2006 with his hometown club Newcastle, becoming their and Premier League top goal scorer of all time.

He was the player who held the record for most hat-tricks, scoring 11, but in 2020 Sergio Aguero passed him scoring his 12th.

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