Lautaro Martinez Griezmann

Inter demands Griezmann swap

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the transfer window might not be the same anymore, as many clubs are struggling financially. This economic crisis means that many transfers might not go the way the were planned.

One of those transfers as it seems might turn out to be is Lautaro Martinez move to Barcelona. Barcelona's desire is to sign the young Argentinian player this summer, but that might not go as planned.

Inter are not willing to let one of their best players leave them, so they are considering a swap deal with the Catalans – Lautaro for Griezmann.

According to the Italian publication, Lautaro's release clause is 111 million euros, Griezmann's clause is 120 million.

The Nerazzurri are seeing the price difference as a minimal and are currently waiting for Barcelona to make an offer.

However, according to MARCA, Barcelona are not willing to let Griezmann leave Camp Nou. The Catalans paid a big amount of money for the Frenchman to let him join Inter.

Barcelona are keen to keep Griezmann in the club no matter what, and they do not want to use him as a part of any future deal. It is a fact that Griezmann first season at Camp Nou was not as good as we expected, but the first campaign is always for adaption.

However, the 22-year-old Argentinian has generated a lot of excitement recently and that's why he has been linked with a move not only to Camp Nou. Zinedine Zidane is looking for reinforcement in the frontline of the club as Karim Benzema is already 32-year-old and the move of Luka Jovic turned out to be a disappointment.

Lautaro Martinez has shown a great potential.

"Lautaro wants to be the next [Lionel] Messi," said his agent Alberto Yague recently.

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