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Arsene Wenger worried about Arsenal

Let's be fair here, Arsene Wenger build a dynasty with Arsenal.

The Frenchman won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups for 22 years with the club. He developed one of the best playing styles in the football history and made the game beautiful.

He led Arsenal to glory back in the 2003/04 season, when the Gunners won the Premier League without a defeat. The ‘Invincibles' are still considered as one of the best teams in the Premier League history.

However, Wenger is seriously worried about the club and the culture he build with Arsenal.

Recently he told Jim White and Arsenal legend Martin Keown on talkSPORT: “I worry about the club still a lot and I watch all of the games.

“I believe there is a culture in the way to play football at Arsenal that I want to be respected,’’ added the former Arsenal manager.

“And I hope Mikel can get that back.”

Wenger, who was appointed as FIFA’s chief of global development back in November, believes that Jurgen Klopp did an amazing job with Liverpool and according to Arsene Wenger, the Reds totally deserve to be champions.

Liverpool were on the verge to lift their first Premier League title in 30 years before the coronavirus brought all football to an unprecedented halt. Klopp also almost managed to beat Wenger's record for a season without defeat, but Watford put an end to those hopes.

“Jurgen has done extremely well because that club has waited 30 years for this title,” said Arsene Wenger.

“And when you think they have such a massive difference [points gap] to the second team, Manchester City, as well – 25 points, it’s absolutely massive.

“No matter what England will decide, Liverpool are champions in everyone’s head, I think.”

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