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Philippe Coutinho wife - Aine Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho had difficult time at Barcelona, but he managed to impress during his loan-spell at Bayern Munich.

However, we are here not to read about Coutinho himself. We believe that you are like us and you want to learn more about his personal life and more specifically about his wife, so let's begin.

Who is Philippe Coutinho wife?

Philippe Coutinho is one lucky guy as he met his wife when they were teenagers and managed to keep their love alive throughout the years.

The Brazilian met Aine Coutinho at a party of one of their mutual friends. Philippe and Aine started to talk and as they were from the same neighborhood they soon began to see each other more often and to spend more time together.

The have met in 2007, and just a year later Aine moved to live with him in his house in Brazil.

However, the couple have been through ups and downs in their relationship as Coutinho soon needed to leave to Milan, Italy as Inter signed him from Vasco Da Gama in 2008.

Aine moved with him in Italy, but in 2012 when Coutinho spent one season on a loan-spell at Espanyol, the couple were separated.

That was the moment when Philippe realized that he does not want to date anyone else, but Aine and in 2013 the couple get back together and tied the knot. Aine and Coutinho married in a big wedding ceremony in Milan, Italy.

Who is Aine Coutinho?

Enough about Coutinho love story, let's take a look in Aine biography. What is Aine Coutinho age and where is she from?

Aine Coutinho was born on March 31, 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Aine age at the moment is 27 and her height is 155 cm.

However, Aine's nationality is Portuguese, despite she was born in Brazil. Aine also studied Economics at Sao Paulo University in Brazil.

She comes from the family of Jose Airton (father) and Ines Maria (mother). Aine also has three sisters Arie Becca, Carol and a brother, Antonio.

However, Aine Coutinho is very famous on her official Instagram account as she has more that 834,000 followers. She also has a Twitter account, where she has more than 11,300 followers.

She often shares pictures of her and her husband, while they are on their vacations at the exotic cities.

The beautiful brunette also shows her tattoos on the photos she shares. Aine has several tattoos on her arms.

She has a lion tattoo on her shoulder, also she has Minnie Mouse as Philippe Coutinho has Mickey.

Philippe Coutinho family

The beautiful love story of the childhood sweethearts resulted in two beautiful children.

The couple have two daughters together - Maria Coutinho, who was born on December 22, 2015, while her father was still playing for Liverpool. And Esmeralda Coutinho, born on December 28, 2018.