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Cesc Fabregas Wife - Daniella Semaan

Cesc Fàbregas has always been one of the best midfielders in the world.

He has been phenomenal when he played for Arsenal, becoming the Gunners true legend, later the Spaniard showed his class while playing for Barcelona and Chelsea.

However, we believe that you are here because you want to learn more about his personal life, rather than his professional one. And to be more precise you want to know more about Cesc's wife, so you are at the right place.

Who is Cesc Fabregas' wife?

Cesc Fabregas is married to the stunning Daniella Semaan.

The couple have been dating for ages, as they started their relationship back in 2011.

However, they finally decided that it is time to take things further and they tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Fabregas' wedding was attended by many star names including Lionel Messi and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, also by Luis Suarez and his wife, Sofia.

Who is Daniella Semaan?

Daniella became very famous after she started her relationship with Cesc Fabregas.

She is actually a well renowned fashion model.

Now let's take a closer look into Daniella Semaan's biography and learn more about her.

Daniella Semaan Bio

Daniella Seeman's date of birth is on June 4, 1975, which means that her age is 47.

According to her birthday, Daniella's zodiac sign is Gemini.

Daniella was born in Lebanon, meaning that her nationality is Lebanese.

Daniella Semaan Family

Daniella spent her childhood in Lebanon where she lived with all of her five siblings.

Semaan has four brothers, Romeo, Nazar, Majd and Amir, and one sister, Suzanna.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find who Daniella's parents are, as she has not disclosed information regarding them.

Daniella Semaan Career

Ever since Daniella was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a model.

She made her dream come true, when she started working as a glamour model.

The stunning Lebanese has featured in many fashion magazines and was even on the cover of several.

Daniella Semaan Net Worth

Being married to a football player has its benefits, such as his huge bank account.

With the many modeling jobs, Daniella has earned a big amount of money.

Daniella Semaan's net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million, which explains how she was able to buy a property in London which cost $1.4 million.

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Daniella Semaan Social Media

As we already mentioned, being married to a footballer brings not only wealth, but also popularity.

Daniella is indeed a very popular WAG, as a matter of fact she is considered as one of the WAG queens.

The beauty has over 3.4M followers on Instagram, where she is posting on the daily basis.

You can check Daniella Semaan's Instagram here.

But the Lebanese model is also very popular on Twitter, where she has over 151K followers. You can check Daniella's Twitter here.

Daniella Semaan's Friend List

Daniella has some very famous friends in her list.

She is very good friends with Lionel Messi's wife. Daniella Semaan and Antonella Roccuzzo became friends when Cesc joined Barcelona back in 2011 and despite they live in different countries they still keep in touch.

Semaan is also good friends with Luis Suarez's wife, Sofia Balbi. The three, Daniella, Antonella and Sofia have been spotted many times together.

Daniella and Cesc Fabregas Story

The story behind the couple's love life and the way they became an item is quite controversial.

It is considered that Daniella and Cesc started to date, while she was still married to Elie Taktouk.

Daniella's first marriage was with Elie, but they got divorced after 13 years of their marriage, as Taktouk claimed that she had an affair with the footballer.

Daniella Semaan Children

When you see Daniella and her figure it is impossible to assume that she is a mother of five children.

Semaan has two kids from her marriage to Elie Taktouk, Maria Taktouk and Joseph Taktouk.

Daniella has three children with Cesc - Lia Fàbregas, Capri Fàbregas and Leonardo Fàbregas.

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