Clement Lenglet wife Barcelona Estelle

Clement Lenglet Girlfriend - Estelle

Clément Lenglet is probably one of the best young defenders at the moment.

The Frenchman has been Barcelona's key player since he joined them back in 2018.

Lenglet got Barca's attention during his 18-month spell at Sevilla and they spent €35 million to guarantee that he is going to sign with them.

But we believe that you are here to learn more about his personal life and the woman he has been dating for years.

Who is Clement Lenglet's girlfriend?

Lenglet is actually very private about his personal life, but it is known that he is dating Estelle.

The two started dating many years ago, but it is not exactly sure when.

However, many believe that they even tied the knot recently, but there is no actual information to confirm the news.

Who is Estelle?

Estelle gained popularity after her long-term partner joined the La Liga giants Barcelona.

Lenglet's girlfriend has been somewhat of a mystery, as she is doing her best to avoid any public appearances.

Still, we did our best to find more information about her, so let's dig into Estelle's biography.

Estelle Bio

Estelle was born in 1995, but we were unable to find the exact date, so we have no information about her zodiac sign.

However, Estelle's age is 27.

Such as Lenglet, Estelle was born in France, meaning that here nationality is French.

Lenglet's Biggest Supporter

Behind every successful man there is a woman that believed in him and supported him with all of her heart.

Lenglet's biggest supporter in life has always been Estelle.

She shared every moment of joy with him and she was always there to cheer him up when things were going down.

Estelle Social Media

As we already said, Estelle prefers to stay away from the spotlight and she is not the typical WAG who shares every moment of her life with her followers.

Estelle has over 3K followers on Instagram and she posts snaps from time to time.

You can check Estelle's Instagram here.

Estelle and Clement Lenglet's Child

Estelle and Clement became parents in 2020 for the first time.

The French Beauty gave birth to the couple's son, Mael Lenglet.

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