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Willian set to join Chelsea rivals

Willian has claimed that it 'would be fine' to join either Arsenal or Tottenham this summer.

The Brazilian will be out of contract in the end of this season and the negotiations to extend it have been stalled as the player demands three-year extension.

As the talks have come to a standstill, many reports claims that Tottenham and Arsenal are looking to capitalise by offering Willian a contract to join the club this summer.

Despite the huge respect Willian has for the Chelsea fans, he said that it would be ‘fine’ for him to join a rival club.

In a recent interview for the YouTube channel ‘Desimpedidos’, Willian said: “It really is a hard decision.

“I identified myself a lot at Chelsea, I have a lot of love for everyone at the club, and the fans.

“However, it is like I said before, if I leave Chelsea with no trouble and leaving the doors open, it would be fine to move to a rival club.”

Recently the 31-year-old player has been told to be in negotiations with Jose Mourinho for a potential move o Spurs, but the Brazilian denied it saying: “No, no. I did not get anything from Mourinho even though I have a good relationship with him.

“He is not only a great coach but also a great friend of mine.”

Willian is determined that he wants to stay in the Premier League. As it seems there is a big possibility that the Brazilian will join either Tottenham or Arsenal.

He is a great friend with Mourinho since he was Chelsea manager, but Willian is also good friends with David Luiz, who left Chelsea last year to join Arsenal.

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