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Lampard on Hudson-Odoi's mistakes

Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard, thinks that Callum Hudson-Odoi should take a lesson from his mistakes following his problems with the police during the lockdown.

The 19-year-old forward was arrested on May 17 over allegations of a rape, but later it got clear that the case would not be taken any further by the police.

Lampard admitted that he has warned Hudson-Odoi over his breach of the government's quarantine and has now challenged him to learn from his mistakes.

“Firstly I’m very happy that obviously in the eyes of the law it’s been sorted out, that was the main concern at first,” said the 42-year-old manager.

“So that was positive for us, the situation for Callum.

“I’ve hopefully shown in my short time in management that I’m very sympathetic towards the idea that we’re not angels or saints, and that we can make mistakes, particularly at a young age.

 “I will never be one to come down too harshly on that, albeit we have had conversations, myself and Callum.

“And the big conversation now is to make sure that he learns his lesson from what happened.

Chelsea are due to face Aston Villa for their first match after the three-month break, but the teenager will not be part of Lampard's team as he has an ankle problem.

“He came back from lockdown and got injured pretty early in this period, so now he’s having to work hard to get fit again,‘’ added Lampard.

“And as much as the pitfalls off the pitch, I want to see how he can work on the training pitch and get into this team, and perform to the levels we all believe he can.

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