Izabel Kovacic Mateo Chelsea wife

Mateo Kovacic wife - Izabel Kovacic

Mateo Kovacic is one of the most promising players at Chelsea as he had a great season so far, but Oh My Football decided that it is time to take a look in his more personal life.

We wanted to know more about his life outside football. Who is Kovacic dating? Does Mateo Kovacic have a wife or a girlfriend? We will give you this information so let's begin.

Who is Mateo Kovacic wife?

Mateo Kovacic has been married to his long-term partner Izabel Kovacic.

The Croatia international is one lucky man as he calls the beautiful blonde his wife. The couple got married in 2017 in a big ceremony, which took place in St Anthony of Padua in Sesvete.

A number of famous football players were part of the 600 guests at the wedding including Marcelo and Ivan Perisic, who is Kovacic teammate from the Croatia national team. It was reported that the midfielder spent more than £250,000 on the wedding.

The happy couple decided to tie the knot in the exact same church where they have met when they were just kids.

They met when Mateo was an altar boy and Izabel was a choir girl. Isn't it lovely to marry your childhood sweetheart?

Who is Izabel Kovacic?

Enough for Mateo and Izabel love story, let's find out more about her. What is Izabel Kovacic age? What is her occupation and where did she studied?

Izabel Kovacic was born on December, 17, 1992, which means that she is still 27-year-old. She has a degree in economics as she studied at the Faculty of Economics and Business in the University of Zagreb.

She is a successful business owner as she launched an own company for organic and eco-friendly baby products Lunilou.

She started the company in 2015 with her sister, Ivana Lucic, as the idea came from the fact that Lucic's daughter has a very sensitive skin.

However, the blonde beauty is known as the 'Croatian Shakira' due to her curly hair.  

Izabel Kovacic is quite famous on the Instagram as she has more than 386,000 followers on her profile, which you can check out here.

The blonde temptation is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful WAGs in the Premier League and the fans of Chelsea are very delighted that Kovacic brought her to London.

However, the happy couple are soon to be parents as Izabel Kovacic is pregnant, but they still have not announced the news officially.

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