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Footballers’ Wives Who Are the Brains in Their Relationship

Martina Kostadinova
by Martina Kostadinova

Being a footballer’s wife is no easy task, with your every move scrutinized by the paparazzi and you often having to play second fiddle to your hubby and his millions of fans.

However, there are some footballers’ wives who are so much more than just social media eye candy, with many running their own business enterprises and others being bigger stars than their husbands are.

Here are some of the WAGs who were making it rain, and turning heads with their intellect rather than their looks, long before their other half came on the scene.

Christine Lampard

Chelsea legend, and now team manager, Frank Lampard met his wife at an awards ceremony and the two have never looked back.

However, far from her being the one doing the chasing, it was he who had to go in pursuit of one of the most recognizable women in British daytime television.

Having worked alongside some of the biggest names in UK TV she also fronted programs such as Good Morning and Dancing on Ice.

Her career has spanned well over fifteen years and she now focuses much of her time on philanthropy projects, while also making sure that her husband uses his head rather than his heart on the Stamford Bridge touchline.

With Frank Lampard himself being renowned for being a sharp cookie – his MENSA score is purported to be off the charts – this is one couple who derive power from their brains rather than their Instagram accounts. Having Christine on their team is just another reason why

Chelsea followers are already joining other fans in eyeing up a range of sports free bets, as the prospect of Chelsea doing very well in the next Premier League season looms large.


By the time Shakira was introduced to Barcelona center-back Gerard Pique, she was already one of the biggest recording artists on the planet, and since they were married she has done anything but take a back seat in their relationship.

Indeed, even though Gerard can boast a plethora of La Liga and Champions League triumphs, as well as leading Spain to international trophy success, his wife still managed to out-do him when her performance, alongside J. Lo at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, drew an audience of 104 million viewers.

Shakira was used to taking center stage long before she hooked up with her footballer beau.

Victoria Beckham

No list like this would be complete without Posh Spice, who was infinitely more successful than David Beckham when they first met.

As part of the Spice Girls she became a global pop icon and she and David have now built their partnership into a colossal brand.

It is arguable over who is the leading light in their relationship now they have both retired from sport and music respectively, although

David’s doomed MLS franchise may just put Posh out in the lead.

Kate Foster

Ben Foster is the owner to the pair of hands that let Watford’s Premier League survival slip through them this season.

It is the sort of off-day his partner Kate can ill-afford to have, as she works full-time as a psychologist.

Maybe the Hornets can employ Kate before they begin life in the Championship, so they can hold their heads high and make an immediate return to the top tier of English football. The odds suggest that will be easier said than done.

Leah Totton

Not only is Leah Totton a business owner and medically certified doctor, she even went on to win The Apprentice, proving her business acumen to oust the other contenders.

Leah’s significant other is Northern Ireland star Fraser Forster, who she has dated on and off for years.

Recently the two young lovers rekindled their romance, although you are more likely to see Leah in a boardroom or performing delicate surgery than pouting in the stands at one of her hubby’s big games.