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Mason Mount Girlfriend - Chloe Wealleans-Watts

Meet the stunning Chloe Wealleans-Watts, the girlfriend of the Chelsea star, Mason Mount.

Mason Mount quickly became one of the best midfielders in the world, despite being so young. The Englishman has achieved so many great things at his young age that most of the footballers can't achieve in their entire careers.

Mason Mount helped Chelsea reach two finals, the FA Cup final and the Champions League final, showing the fans that the Blues' future is bright when they have a player like him.

However, despite Mount's career being worth analyzing more, we decided to take a closer look into his personal life and find out more about his stunning girlfriend. Here you will find all the information you need about Chloe Wealleans-Watts, so let's begin.

Who is Mason Mount's girlfriend?

Mason Mount is in a long-term relationship with the lovely Chloe Wealleans-Watts. Mount and Watts started dating back in 2017, but they made it official in 2018.

Mason and Chloe met through a mutual friend in early 2017 and later they started dating each other.

However, many fans believe that Mason Mount and Chloe Wealleans-Watts have ended their relationship, as Chloe unfollowed Mount on Instagram and she also deleted their photos together.

Who is Chloe Wealleans-Watts?

Chloe Wealleans-Watts is mostly known for being the girlfriend of Chelsea's best young player, Mason Mount.

Chloe is also a singer and a model.

Now let's dig in deeper into Chloe Wealleans-Watts' biography and learn as much as possible about her.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts Bio

Chloe Wealleans-Watts was born on January 8, 1999, so her age is 23.

According to her birthday, Chloe Wealleans-Watts' zodiac sign is Capricorn, which means that she is a social creature and a very charming and hardworking person. Usually people born under the sign of Capricorn are most energized by social settings, where they can display their charm, warmth and whit.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts was born in Cramlington, Northumberland, England, meaning that her nationality is English, such as her boyfriend's.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts Family

Chloe Wealleans-Watts was born in the family of Clare Wealleans, who is her mother. Unfortunately we were unable to find anything regarding her father.

Chloe has two siblings, a brother, Cole Wealleans and a sister, Cleo Wealleans.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts Education

Chloe Wealleans-Watts' education is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

As far as we know, Chloe graduated high school in her hometown, but we are not sure whether she enrolled in university or not.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts Career

Chloe Wealleans has several things going on at the moment, as she is a model and a singer.

Chloe won the Teen Star competition in 2013, which led to Baby Girl Music sending her an invite to join their artist development program.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts has now become a part of an all-girl band called the 303. The band was formed on March 30, so they decided to keep the naming simple.

One of the band's most popular songs is .

Chloe is also a model and she is represented by Storm Models.

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Chloe Wealleans-Watts Net Worth

Chloe Wealleans-Watts' net worth is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Mason Mount on the other hand has a very significant net worth, making him one of the richest young football players.

Mason Mount's net worth is believed to be around €21 Million. Mount's annual salary is around €3,8 Million and his weekly wage is €77,236.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts Social Media

Chloe Wealleans-Watts is very popular on social media and the fans love her, as she has a very positive influence on them.

Chloe has gained over 27K followers on Instagram, where she posts mostly cute snaps of herself.

You can check Chloe Wealleans-Watts' Instagram here.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts Body Measurements

Chloe Wealleans-Watts' height is 5’5 (165 cm) and her weight is around 55kg.

Chloe Wealleans-Watts has black hair and brown eyes. Her body measurements are 33″-25″ 1/2-38″ (bust, waist, and hips) and she wears a size 5 shoe.

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