What Will Happen to Juventus After Their Bad Start of the Season

The defeat of Juventus against Maccabi Haifa is the last blow and the culmination of the great crisis that Juventus is in. A defeat against AC Milan in the Italian championship announced that the team lost. If you haven’t had the time to follow, though, you can notice that by checking the odds at any toppcasinonorge offering sports betting. The club is effectively out of the Champions League, and it has a long way to go to reach the top of the Italian championship table - even if we are talking about fourth place. This season, Juventus's most important goal is to finish in fourth place.

To Qualify for the Champions League Next Season, They Shouldn't Gamble with Potential Europe League Participation

They must be in the top four best teams in the Italian league. If they do not secure participation in the Champions League this season, their win total will not be as high, but they will no longer be such an attractive club for talented players. Dusan Vlahovic rejected offers from many clubs to move to Juventus, and he will certainly not be happy if he does not play in the Champions League. As the first star of the team, he may express dissatisfaction.

It is already a big gap between them and the fourth place in the Italian League, and if they are not in the first four teams this year, their chances of playing in the Champions League will be slim.

Another way for Juventus to secure a place in the Champions League is to win the UEFA Europa League this season. Achieving this would require them to finish 3rd in this year's Champions League group (in which they currently occupy 3rd place in their group).

Juventus has very little chance of continuing the competition in the Champions League this season, so they will have to fight with Maccabi for third place and play in the UEFA Europa League. However, Juventus should not give up playing in the UEFA Europa League, although the club has had ambitions to win a stronger competition (Champions League) for the last 10 years.

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Allegri’s Job Is in Jeopardy, Even Though He Won Many Trophies With Juventus

This could further damage Massimiliano Allegri’s career, and his job could be threatened, even though he is loved by the fans and had great results with Juventus previously when he won five championship titles and four national cups.

German coach Tuchel is currently unemployed and without a club, so he could be the solution to this crisis. In addition, he demonstrated great crisis management skills at Chelsea. It is true that Tuchel would not be cheap, but Allegri would require Juventus to pay a severance package until the end of his contract.

The former Juventus player Zinedine Zidane, could be a solution if Allegri is replaced. Zidane would be a costly solution as well, having won the title several times with Real Madrid.

If Allegri is replaced and the club brings in a new coach with a strong name, the new coach may have trouble working with players who do not fit their style of play. It is, therefore, crucial that if there is a change of coach, the club thinks about whether the new coach can work with the current team.

Andrea Agnelli, Juventus chairman, said recently that Allegri's job is secure and that the assessment will be made at the end of the season. But if the bad play on the field continues without any progress, there will be increased pressure on Agnelli to replace Allegri, with whom he has a strong (and good) relationship.

The Club Has Not Had the Best Transfers in Recent Years, and the Squad Rebuild Will Not Be Easy and Simple

There is a chance to fix the problems in the January transfer window, but there is also the risk of panic buying. Juventus invested a lot of money in the salaries of Pogba (who has constantly been injured and in bad shape in the past years) and Di Maria (an elderly player), so it is hard to expect that there are many resources for a quick rebuild.

In the January transfer window, Juventus is faced with the dilemma of whether to react or not. The January transfer window is not an ideal solution for rebuilding the squad, but Juventus may have to act in the January transfer window, although this carries an additional risk.

The club can further distance itself from returning to form and from rebuilding a good team by making panic purchases in the transfer window.

How to Get Juventus Out of the Crisis

Many fans hope that Paul Pogba will solve some problems after recovering from injuries. Pogba played some of the best games in his career while playing for Juventus last season, so expecting him to reach the same level right away would be unrealistic. In recent years, Pogba has demonstrated inconsistent play and a tendency to crumble under pressure, but now he is poised to take over from Vlahovic and Di Maria as the team's star. Currently, he would have a different role than he did during the first term, making it difficult to expect him to make a significant impact.

The club is clearly in crisis. The upcoming Swedish Championship (World Cup), which will be played on Wednesday, can help Juventus calm down, giving the club time to fix its organizational and training problems.