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Rodrigo Bentancur Girlfriend - Melany La Banca

Rodrigo Bentancur is probably one of the most talented young midfielders in the world.

However, we are here to talk about his girlfriend, rather than his great abilities on the pitch, so let's begin.

Who is Rodrigo Bentancur girlfriend?

Rodrigo Bentancur has been in a long-term relationship with the beautiful Melany La Banca.

They have been dating since they were teenagers, as their relationship started in 2015.

Bentanur and La Banca grew up together, so yes, they are childhood sweethearts.

Bentancur took the next step in their relationship in 2017, by proposing to La Banca.

Who is Melany La Banca?

After you already know when the couple started to date, it is time to dig in deeper into Melany La Banca biography.

Melany La Banca was born on April 5, 1998, which means that her age is 24.

According to her birthday, Melany's zodiac sign is Aries.

La Banca was born in Uruguay, meaning that her nationality is Uruguayan.

There is not much information on Melany's private life.

We couldn't find any information on her occupation, or where she studied.

However, from what we've seen on the internet, we can easily say that Bentancur's girlfriend is very popular on social media.

Being the WAG of a famous football player has it's benefits and one of them is that you also get the love of the fans.

She has gained over 44K followers on Instagram.

On the social media she often posts lovely snaps of her and Bentancur.

You can check Melany La Banca Instagram here.

Melany loves to travel and whenever she has the opportunity she likes to visit new countries.

La Banca is currently living in Turin with Bentancur.

Rodrigo is very lucky, as he has a very supportive girlfriend.

Mel La Banca has supported him since he was still playing for Boca Juniors.

What else he could possibly want - a beautiful girlfriend that is always there for him.