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Arturo Vidal Girlfriend - Sonia Isaza

Sonia Isaza is the stunning girlfriend of the Chile international and Inter Milan ace, Arturo Vidal.

Arturo Vidal is probably one of the most famous midfielders of our time as he is a real Barcelona and Juventus star, but currently he is playing for the Serie A giants Inter Milan.

Arturo has accomplished many great things during his career as he has won the Bundesliga title three consecutive times and the Serie A title four consecutive times.

However, we decided to take a closer look into his personal life and find out more about his stunning girlfriend. Here you will find everything there is to know about Sonia Isaza.

Who is Arturo Vidal's girlfriend?

Arturo Vidal is in a long-term relationship with the beautiful Sonia Isaza. They started dating back in 2018, when Arturo was still married to Maria Teresa Matus.

Arturo and Maria were married for 10 years before they finalised their divorce in 2019. It is believed that Vidal and Isaza had an affair which evolved into something special.

Arturo and Sonia were believed to have split in 2020, but they got through the difficulties in their relationship successfully.

Who is Sonia Isaza?

For the football fans Sonia Isaza is mostly known for being the girlfriend of the Inter Milan star, Arturo Vidal, but for those who are gym lovers she is a familiar face, as Sonia is a famous bodybuilder and a fitness model.

Now let's take a closer look into Sonia Isaza's biography and learn as much as possible about her.

Sonia Isaza Bio

Sonia Isaza was born on September 5, 1988, so her age is 34.

According to her birthday, Sonia's zodiac sign is Virgo, which means that she is a very organized person, but she also has a great will power. Usually people born under the sign of Libra always find a way to deal even with the most hectic situations.

Sonia Isaza was born in Colombia, meaning that her nationality is Colombian.

Sonia Isaza Family

Sonia Isaza's family is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Sonia has not disclosed any info regarding her parents or whether she has siblings or not. As far as we know, Sonia is very close to her mother, but she has not talked much about her or her father as she prefers to keep them away from social media.

Sonia Isaza Education

Sonia Isaza has graduated high school in her hometown in Colombia. There is no information whether she enrolled in university or not.

We believe that Sonia did not go to college as she chose to work in order to be financially independent.

Sonia Isaza Career

Sonia Isaza decided to pursue a career in the bodybuilding industry in her early twenties.

Sonia started going to the gym when she was 22-years-old and at the beginning she had no idea what she was doing so she decided to hire a trainer to help her with the training sessions. Isaza started to see results in just one year, which motivated her even more.

It took her nearly two years to achieve the body she wanted so bad, so in 2006, Sonia decided to move to California and become a competitive bodybuilder. The hard work paid off and Sonia qualified for more prestigious competitions, the most notable being the Arnold Classic in Australia.

Now Sonia is one of the most successful fitness models in the world with millions of followers, who she inspires. Sonia also quickly became an Instagram star and she uses the platform to motivate women to and get in shape.

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Sonia Isaza Net Worth

Sonia Isaza is one of the most successful fitness models, which means that her net worth is very significant.

Sonia Isaza's net worth is between $2 million - $6 million.

Sonia Isaza Social Media

Sonia Isaza created her Instagram profile when she became more confident in her physique and she thought that she can inspire other people to take the step and have a better life.

She quickly became a sensation and she gained a lot of popularity. Sonia has a great influence on her followers and she motivates them to train hard and eat healthy.

Sonia Isaza has over 3.4 Million followers on Instagram and over 7K on Twitter. The Colombian beauty also has a YouTube channel with over 85K subscribers.

You can check Sonia Isaza's Instagram here, but she also has a second account on which she posts mostly hot pictures of her rather than her training sessions, which you can check here.

Sonia Isaza Training and Diet Plan

Sonia Isaza has really good developed glutes, as this is her favourite muscle group to train. She prefers to do squats on the smith machine, as she believes that relieves the stress put on the lower back during regular barbell squats.

As well as her glutes, Sonia is also known for her abs and that's also one of her favourite muscle groups to train. Sonia likes to do every abdominal exercise with weight, as that strengthens the core even more. One of her favorite exercises for abs are cable crunches, and she usually goes for rep ranges being between 10-14 reps.

When it comes to Sonia Isaza's diet plan, she is on a strict diet, but from time to time she has cheat meals like curry and kebabs. Sonia tries to eat whole foods as much as possible, also foods full of fibre. She is eating a lot of protein, but her diet plan sustains foods full of healthy fats.

Recently, Sonia started training boxing, as that helps her to stay fit and to be more coordinated.

Sonia Isaza and Arturo Vidal's Children

Sonia and Arturo don't have children together.

However, Sonia has one child from a previous relationship. On April 11, 2000, Sonia Isaza gave birth to her daughter Daniela Isaza, who is also very famous on Instagram, as she has over 242K followers.

Arturo Vidal on the other hand has three children from his marriage to Maria Teresa Matus.

Two sons, Alonso and Emiliano and a daughter Elizabetta.