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Which football leagues offer the best betting returns?

When it comes to betting on the football, most of us probably turn usually to a handful of leagues; the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, or the La Liga, for example. These are the top players in the game and without doubt making bets on these leagues can be incredibly lucrative and there are usually a lot of great special offers available. But there are more markets for betting on different leagues today than ever before, so today we’re going to look at some of the best returns for your bets on a variety of betting leagues.

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Barclays Premier League

Of course, the Barclays Premier League does offer some of the best betting returns for betting on football—indeed, globally, and not just in the U.K. For most leagues, your maximum pay outs are usually going to sit somewhere around the 95-96% mark. This is, obviously, very good, but few can claim the max betting returns enjoyed in the Premier League. Maximum pay outs in the Premier League can go as high as 98.59%, which is simply the highest return for any football league in the world.

So, in terms of a simple numbers game, at first glance it does seem as though it’s a fairly cut and dry case. The football league that offers the best betting returns is the Premier League. You’ll get the highest possible returns for your money here, and it’s hardly surprising when you look at the figures involved. As many as 643 million people on average tune into the biggest games, and the worldwide television audience overall is claimed to be as high as 3 billion.

Even the minimum pay outs for the Premier League are generally a good margin higher than for other leagues, at 92.31%. Most sit closer to 90% and often as low as 89% even for the bigger European leagues. So, there’s clearly a simple answer to which football league offers the best returns—and that’s the English Premier League.


But with all that said, you should not discount the other leagues. The EFL Championship is another great league to bet on that offers some of the best returns of any league in the world, though they might not quite be able to compete with the Premier League. With top pay outs of 95.77%, the Championship still offers the best returns of any league in England besides the Premier League. Bookmakers in Ireland pay huge attention to the Championship, though of course the betting markets and the odds are naturally lower than with the Premier League. You can expect minimum pay outs of 91.72%, which again is considerably higher than typical minimum pay outs.


Beyond the Championship, your best leagues to bet on are then outside of England. The Bundesliga, the top-flight German division, sees 18 teams compete each year. This is easily the best European league in terms of betting returns other than the Premier League; with maxium returns of 96.49%, you are only a couple of points behind the Premier League. There is, though, a larger discrepancy between the minimum and maximum pay outs than some other leagues; minimums for the Bundesliga are about 90.61%. This, though, is still among the most competitive rates in Europe, compared, say, to the Spanish La Liga, where maximum pay-out is as much as an entire point lower while minimum remains around the same as the Bundesliga.

So, if you’re looking for a league to bet on outside of the English Premier League and Championship, then it certainly seems as though the Bundesliga is the best choice.

Serie A

Finally, we have the Italian Serie A, offering similarly advantageous rates to the Bundesliga. Maximum pay outs with the Serie A, the top football league in Italy, are about 96.49%. So when it comes to your maximum possible winnings, you’re looking around the same level as the Bundesliga down to the last decimal point. Serie A, though, falls short only slightly in its minimum pay outs, where you won’t see much higher than 90.03% as compared with the Bundesliga’s 90.61%.

There’s not, then, a great deal in it, so the choice between these two might come down more simply to which league you prefer watching. Both showcase world class talent, and so it could easily be that these figures change in the coming years as the Serie A picks up again back to its former levels.

So, the Premier League might offer some of the highest possible pay outs on a given bet, but that isn’t always the same as saying it’s the best league to bet on. There are plenty of options out there for making equally lucrative bets and if nothing else, the variety might just keep the game a bit more interesting for you.

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