Last Updated: July 10th 2020, 1:23 pm

Harry Maguire fiance - Fern Hawkins

Fern Hawkins Harry Maguire Manchester United wife

Harry Maguire is definitely one of the top signings of Manchester United this season as he quickly became the captain and proved that he is trustworthy in defence.

However, except a great defending qualities the Englishman brought to Manchester something else, but what exactly? Let's find out.

Who is Harry Maguire dating?

Manchester United captain has been in a long-term relationship with Fern Hawkins.

Harry Maguire and Fern Hawkins met when they were teenagers as they started dating out since high school in 2011.

Maguire decided that it is finally time to put a ring on his girlfriend's finger and she proposed to her when they were on a romantic dinner in Paris, France in 2018.

Fern Hawkins posted a picture of her engagement ring, showing that Maguire was looking for the best for his future wife.

Who is Fern Hawkins?

However, their love story is truly amazing as they have been together for nine years, but we want to know more about her.

What is Fern Hawkins age? Where is Fern Hawkins from and what is her job?

Fern Hawkins was born on July 23, 1994, which means that she is still 25-year-old. Hawkins and her parents are from Sheffield, the United Kingdom, as Harry Maguire is also born there.

The beautiful brunette is very active on her social media accounts as she often share photos of her and Maguire.

You can check Fern Hawkins Instagram and Twitter here.

However, Harry Maguire's fiance has an exceptional beauty, but what really catches the eye when you see her for the first time is Fern Hawkins' eyebrows.

You can't unsee how thick they are, but that is her secret weapon as they give her charm.

The hottie always takes the opportunity to show why Maguire is one lucky guy.

Fern Hawkins posts from time to time pictures of her in bikini, which makes her followers crazy.

In 2017, Fern Hawkins graduated from university with a degree in Physiotherapy in 2017, so now she can always help her future husband if he gets injured.

However, she is also no. 1 supporter of Maguire as she hardly misses his games, and she often can be spotted cheering him from the crowd.

Harry Maguire's family

Harry Maguire whose age is 27, is already a father of two wonderful baby girls.

Fern Hawkins gave birth to their first daughter in April 2019 and they named their first child Lillie Saint Maguire.

Shortly after that, Hawkins became pregnant with her second baby and the happy parents welcomed Piper Rose Maguire in May 2020.