Ann-Kathrin Gotze Mario wife

Mario Götze wife - Ann-Kathrin Götze

Mario Gotze has managed to accomplish many things in his professional career as a football player as he won the World Cup in 2014 and has won the Bundesliga several times, but he is going through a rough time in his career ever since he re-joined Borussia Dortmund.

However, we are here to talk not about his football career, as we want to learn more about who has been with him through this difficult time for the German international.

Who is Mario Gotze wife?

Mario Gotze has been with his partner, Ann-Kathrin Brommel, for more than eight years.

The couple started to date in 2012 and Gotze needed seven years to realize that he don't want to spend his life with anybody else, but with Ann, so the couple tied the knot on June 19, 2019.

Ann-Kathrin became Mrs. Gotze and she was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress.

However, let's talk more about Ann here, such as what is he age, where is she from and what is her job.

Who is Ann-Kathrin Gotze?

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel was born on December 6, 1989 in Emmerich am Rhein and her age is 31. According to her birthday her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

She has two brothers - Sebastian and Nils.

Ann-Kathrin took singing classes when she was young, but decided that she wants to learn to play the piano and started to visit piano classes too.

However, she wanted to be a ballerina, so her parents signed her for a ballet classes, but when Ann turned 16 she decided that she wants to pursuit modelling career.

In 2010, Ann-Kathrin Gotze released her first single named 'This is me', but she used the nickname Trina B. A year later, her second single came to life called 'Body language'.

However, her career as a model took a blast in 2012, as she participated in the seventh season of Germany's Next Top Model, and she managed to take a spot in the top 50.

Brommel also has experience as a voice actor, as she provided the German dialogue for the female sloth character, Francine, in Ice Age: Collision Course.

Ann-Kathrin also took part in many campaigns that are fighting for the animal lives, as she took part in a 2017 PETA campaign. She is also a supporter for those, who are dying of AIDS and she participates in many campaigns such as amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS research.

However, as we already mentioned Ann-Kathrin Gotze's job is a model, so let's take a look of the brands she represented.

Brommel modeled for GQ and FHM magazines, also for Lascana, and on her Instagram account big brands such as Dior and Cluse frequently make appearances.

However, working as a model requires to have the perfect proportions of everything, that's why we believe that Ann-Kathrin Gotze has several plastic surgeries.

We suspect that she has a nose job, perhaps not just once, botox and breast surgery too, to make them bigger.

However, Ann is not only a model as she runs a YouTube channe l, with more than 59,200 subscribers, where she often posts blogs and make up videos.

She also often posts on her Instagram account and her fans could see her perfect style of clothing. She also has a Twitter, but she has not been active there since 2015.

Gotze loves to take care of her body, and she spends at least an hour in the fitness to make sure that she is in top form. Also she has an endorsement deal with the sport brand Nike.

Mario Gotze family

Ann-Kathrin Gotze and her partner welcomed their first child in 2020.

Ann got pregnant with Mario Gotze son - Rome Gotze - and she gave birth to their baby on June 5, 2020.