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Roman Bürki Girlfriend - Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz

Roman Bürki has been Borussia Dortmund top goalkeeper for many years, helping his team not once or twice.

The Swiss is not only a great keeper when it comes to his duties on the field, but he has been doing a very good job in his personal life as well.

Bürki impressed the fans when it became official that he was dating his girlfriend, Marlen, as she is extremely beautiful.

Who is Roman Bürki's girlfriend?

Roman is in a relationship with Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz and things seem to be going pretty well for them.

Bürki and Marlen met back in early 2019, but it wasn't until December the same year they finally confirmed the rumours with a picture on Instagram.

Marlen has been Roman's biggest supporter since day one, cheering him through the difficulties in his career.

Who is Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz?

Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz gained most of her popularity after she started dating the Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper, Roman Bürki.

Marlen is also known for her job as a model.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz Bio and Family

We decided to take a closer look into Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz's biography.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz was born on May 18, 1996, so her age is 26.

According to her birthday, Marlen's zodiac sign is Taurus.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez was born in Wertheim, Germany. Marlen's nationality is German.

Marlen has two siblings, two older sisters and both of them are already married and Marlen is a proud aunt to their children.

She tries to spend as much time as she can with her family, because they mean the world to her.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Career

Actually Marlen is a

Having a famous boyfriend means that you can use that help in your favor and Marlen perfectly understands it. Marlen's top model is not else, but Roman himself.

Marlen also has her own blog, where she likes to write when something interesting pops up in her head.

Alvarez also has her YouTube channel, where she mostly uploads videos of all sorts of workouts, FAQs and trips.

You can check Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez's YouTube channel here.

Marlen just loves to travel and she has been all over the world including places like Greece, Spain and Thailand.

Besides her love for the new adventures, Marlen also loves to workout

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Social Media

As it was already mentioned Marlen is an Instagram star.

She has over 226K followers and she likes to tease them with sexy snaps of her in bikini.

You can check Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez's Instagram here.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Tattoos

Marlen is a true ink lover as she has tattoos all over her body.

When you start once you just can't stop with one tattoo, right?

Marlen has a rose tattoo on her left wrist.

Also she has on her stomach and on both of her thighs, as well as on her back.