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Are Man City Favourites to Win Premier League

So far, most of the clubs in the Premier League have played 9 matches, while some have played 8. We are getting closer to the World Cup. For the first time, it will take place during the season itself. That means the playing of domestic championships, and thus the Premier League will be temporarily paused. Playing the World Cup additionally affects how the championship will look, but some conclusions have already been made. It primarily refers to who will be the champion at the end of the season.

The Quality and Depth of Squad

Man City is the current champion of England. Under regular circumstances, it is fair to consider that they are among the main favourites to win this title. This Man City lineup is perhaps the strongest Man City squad since Pep Guardiola became the manager. Man City has won the title four times in the last five seasons, and Liverpool was the only team that could threaten them. As a result of this year's improvements, the team is stronger than ever.

This year, Man City are still undefeated in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Man City's main asset is coach Pep Guardiola, considered by many to be the best coach ever when it comes to league formats. In the previous seasons, Man City had only one small problem, and that was the place of the striker. This year, with the arrival and purchase of Erling Haaland, an incredibly talented player, they solved that issue as well. He fit in better than everyone expected, and the expectations were too high. While punters are playing football, fans begin to prepare for bets and fastest payout online casino Canada and waiting for the results of their betting predictions.

Man City have phenomenal squad depth, covering all positions exceptionally well. In addition to having the strongest first team, the first XI, they also have the best backup players and a tight schedule, additionally caused by playing the World Cup in the middle of the season.

Squad depth gives them an advantage over the rest of the group, regardless of the tight schedule. All players, apart from Haaland, who fit in phenomenally, are already familiar with Pep Guardiola's game system. Everyone believes in Pep Guardiola's game system. It’s fair to say that Manchester City is the first favourite to win the UEFA Champions League, with their current form considered the best in the world.

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Competition: Clubs' Strengths and Comparisons

In terms of quality and form, what are Man City's advantages over other clubs? As things stand, for now, only Arsenal is keeping pace with Man City, but it must be admitted that although Arsenal is doing an excellent job so far, they still do not have a strong enough team to keep pace with Man City by the end of the season. Even before the start of the season, Man City was the main favourite, only some gave chances that Liverpool, with Klopp, would have their typical season where they can threaten Man City. Given that Liverpool has already dropped many points and key players are obviously not performing well, it is difficult to talk about Liverpool as a contender for the title.

Among the other competitors, Tottenham stands out, which, even with Conte's solid game system, simply does not have enough quality to threaten Man City. Chelsea had problems at the beginning of the season, they lost a lot of points, and Tuchel was replaced. Having a new manager has helped them play better, but it is unrealistic to expect them to threaten Man City. In a direct duel, in the city derby, with Man Utd, they recently demonstrated the difference in quality and strength when they won 6:3 (they even led 6:1).

Unlike others, injuries cannot hinder them because they have a great squad depth, and if they need to, they can react in the January transfer window, given that they have enormous financial power, and currently, they are perhaps the most desirable destination for all footballers. Haaland will not play in the World Cup, which means that he will be more rested for the rest of the season, and the chance of him being injured is reduced.

Threats to Winning the Title

Only Haaland's injury can threaten Man City's chances of winning the title. This could only happen with Arsenal performing at the same level or Liverpool displaying an incredible form with winning streaks, replicating their championship season performance. Even then, it is unlikely that Man City will miss out on the title.

To Sum Up

Man City is the absolute favourite to win the English title this year. Recently, there hasn't been a team that jumps so drastically in terms of chances of winning a championship compared to the rest of the competition. Instead of whether Man City will win the title, most people are asking questions about how many points and how many matchdays before the end of the championship.

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